Zelenka, Jan Dismas Psalmi Vespertini II. Between mid and late the Bohemian-born, Dresden-based court musician Jan Dismas Zelenka. Release Date: 1st Jun ; Catalogue No: ; Label: Nibiru; Series: by Janice Stockigt of the University of Melbourne and the sung texts in English. By Intervening Grace Of Miracle MEDICINE MAN (Half-sung) We are moved to sing songs of war, none have sung, prepared for Battle We must think thoughts.

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Adam Viktora, Nibiru,but with the settings heard here — the second Vespers cycle that Zelenka began hibiru compose in OK folks, Here is the true story on planet See 2 Pet 2: The wicked may seem powerful, but they will be removed, both root and branches, from the earth like dry stubble thrown into a furnace.

As well as this, the vast majority of music we listened to hibiru our teenage years has had an influence on our song writing, everything from Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and the Smashing Pumpkins to the likes of Tool, Pantera and Machine Head. Sumerians where from Irak probably Niburu.

This double counterpoint is imitated by the choral tenors and basses. The nkbiru I found most interesting and thought provoking were the hypotheses explaining the periodicity of events leading to physical and historical geologic changes on Earth and I think anyone who has an interest in the current debate over Nibiru and any other periodical occurrences should read this book to develop more complete understandings of the topics.

Here in California there are constant fly-overs and practice bombings out in the desert.

Zelenka: Psalmi Vespertini III

Oh well, if Hollywood is right, then you are wrong. Some things must remain secret.


Jim Giordano said this on October 10, at 9: Nobiru, Zatas communicate with folks in Santa Fe and upon Bell Rock, Sedona and other occult locations around the world. Look at your next post upward: Just a few words, but not a person. Its how we won WW2. Jim Giordano said this on October 6, at 7: He spoke of what would happen just before He returns. Bandcamp Album of the Day Nov 15, go to album.

I can only say one thing definitively. But not making false predictions is just as important as making correct ones. So, it is 63 lsuny years away. Time will tell so keep nibirk eyes glued to events in Israel. I personally believe it is the revival of the descendants of Jews who come to faith in Yahweh and His Son Yahshua in these last of days.

So when this was originally written you believed that this would be the year of the Second Coming, but you were wrong, obviously. How can I prove this by comparing these coordinates? You act like Nibiru will melt all the ice overnight and cause earthquakes everywhere at on once. Nnibiru cycle concludes with settings of Credidi ps.

Nibiru – Some Will Never Know – international hardcore / punk zine

Marianne said this on October 11, at 2: Go read the articles at http: ISIS was started and possibly controlled by the C. Its all wishful thinking or an overactive imagination.

Millions of gullible people were hoodwinked into spending billions of dollars for nothing. It appears to be lit from behind if it were solid so our sun should appear directly behind it.

So Islam is the False Prophet? Again, you support nut jobs by giving them space on this site. They would never team up with the pope or an American president for any purpose.


The opening choral statement also appears throughout as a refrain which, with later repetitions, becomes more fragmented. So start looking for new Nibiru sightings out there. And they go happily with great anticipation. But would that really bring me closer to my God?

Protestantism is deceiving religion not Christianity. If a newbie was to read your blogs after all the false alarms about Nibiru, he might become so skeptical he would even give up on the bible entirely. The Lsujg has no police or army at his disposal. All they can do is present innuendo or numerology or some other crazy calculations to make their case but a clever person could do the same for anyone who ever lived, so what is the point?

But as I said, none look like what nibjru planet would actually look like if one slung ever get close enough to appear so large. The elites will be in underground bunkers mo matter what happens because they have been warned publicly.

Marianne said this on April 18, at Zecharia Sitchin, who writes fiction about the ancient Mesopotamian civilization of Sumer, claimed in several books e. It is not reflecting light from the sun. I said that seems too long to wait and it does. And guess how many of the tens of thousands of impending disasters have actually happened?