Designed to leave its mark on the ground, and an imprint on spectators, the electric Losi® LST XXL™ 2 electric monster truck was made to be as hard-hitting as. Image for LST XXL Monster Truck RTR from HorizonHobby. + / – Hover over LST/Aftershock Performance Upgrade Kit Front/Rear Sway Bar Kit: LST/2, XXL/ 2. The Losi® LST XXL™ 2 takes the proven LST platform and adds an innovative. 31 cubic inch GASOLINE engine, the AVC™ (Active Vehicle Control™) driving.

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There are monster trucks And to handle the punishment that monster truck lovers dish out, the LST XXL features parts and design elements that make it more durable than you could possibly imagine.

Losi LST XXL Radio Controlled Truck

The tour requires Flash Player 8 or higher and javascript. The longer chassis provides improved handling and stability, making for a better ride and easier operation. Get the engine spinning with a few pulls of the pull start, or use the included hand held, push-button Spin-Start unit to ease the process.

The gear ratios have been optimized to offer the perfect combination of low-end, turf-shredding torque and high-rev, high-speed horsepower.


Additionally, the transmission offers reverse, making maneuvering easier and offering additional capabilities not found on other monster trucks.

With the amount of power available from the Losi engine, no ordinary clutch could stand up to the abuse. That’s why Losi developed a heavyduty, 3-shoe aluminum clutch design that could handle all the torque needed to move a truck this big. High-strength steel clutch springs ensure that when you grab the throttle, the clutch is there to get the LST XXL moving in a hurry.

Armed with high-torque motors and metal gears, the dual steering servos on the LST XXL can move the oversized Lsf wheels and tires with outstanding precision. Twin servos offer double the torque, so you can point the LST XXL wherever you xlx it to go and expect it to respond instantly.

The differentials on the LST XXL are built to handle serious off-road abuse, with metal gears that are ready for the horsepower.

LST XXL Monster Truck RTR

And, if ultimate performance is your aim, the differentials can be upgraded to viscous setup, offering increased tuning options for any terrain you might encounter. In additional, that power is available no matter what approach angle your truck is on, or what terrain you might encounter. Tackling any terrain requires some intense traction, and the LST XXL delivers with custom chrome “Force” wheels and purpose-designed tires. The custom look of the chrome wheels stays uninterrupted thanks to removable chrome caps to cover the wheel nuts for added realism.


Just charge up, fuel up, and tear up some turf. Spektrum’s DX3S 3-Channel sport radio system with 2.

Losi: LST XXL2-E RTR, AVC: 1/8 Electric 4WD MT: Losi (LOS)

The Losi Engine is designed to produce unbeatable low end torque as well as high-rev horsepower for insane top speeds. Dyno tuned and ported for the highest level of power from the first startup, the big block engine can pull the LST XXL from a dead stop up to speeds approaching 50 mph without a hiccup.

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Receiver Pack Get going now. Temperature Monitor the operating temperature of your engine in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Knife edged, lightened, I-beamed, T-6 alloy with oil hole and bushing Crankshaft: High-carbon steel, precision ground and polished with “turbo grooves” Ball bearings: Front and rear of crankshaft Cooling: Extra large anodized cool head with easy access mounting reliefs Starting: