by Longchen Rabjam (—). From his great clouds of prayers arising through wisdom, which permeates the dimension of reality completely, and through. Longchen Rabjam (Longchenpa). Longchenpa. Longchen Rabjam lived from and is revered as one of the greatest scholars in the Nyingma tradition. In Praise of Longchen Rabjam. Book cover By Khenpo Shenga. Translated by Adam Pearcey. Due to the kindness of Guru Padmasambhava, there have been.

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To amass a multitude of profound texts Such as scriptures, commentaries and oral instructions, Without practicing them, will be of no benefit at the time of death. At the age of five, he learnt how to read and write. Teaching others Dharma out of a desire for greatness and Maintaining a retinue of important and humble people through skilled methods— Longchenn mind involved with this is the source of pride.

The Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism: At that time, Saraswati prophesied that he would become a great master and benefit countless being in future. Along with Sakya Pandita and Je Tsongkhapahe is commonly recognized as one of the three main manifestations of Manjushri to have taught in Central Tibet.

He is credited with more than works, rajbam as author and compiler, among which are the famous Seven Treasuries mdzod bdunthe Trilogy of Natural Freedom rang grol skor gsum ,ongchen, the Trilogy of Natural Ease ngal gso skor longhcenhis Trilogy of Dispelling Darknessand his compilation, with commentaries, of the Nyingtig Yabshi.

While studying, he was also always engaged in meditative training in retreats, and he saw the pure visions of Manjushri, Sarasvati, Achala, Vajravarahi, and Tara, and realized various spiritual attainments. He spent most of his later life at Gangri Thodkar.

Longchen Rabjam summarizes the merits of solitude: Retrieved from ” https: He naturally possessed the noble qualities of a bodhisattva such as faith, compassion and wisdom from his childhood. His father was a master of the science and tantric practice, and his mother was a descendent of the family of Dromton Gyalwai Jungne, the foremost disciple of Atisha.

The peaceful and clear environment of nature inspires peace and clarity in the observers; then the whole merges into one, the union of peace and clarity. Longchen Rabjam received teachings and transmissions of all the lineages of Buddhist teachings that were present in Tibet. During the spring and summer of that year, Longchenpa wandered nine times from one deserted valley to the next due to which he faced many hardships surviving on three measures of flour and twenty-one mercury pills for two months.


Appearances of the next life will come as fast as tomorrow. His works also include common study like prosody, up to the most profound Dzogchen teachings like Nyingthig Yazhi The Four Parts of the Innermost Spirituality. By freeing yourself from attachments to friends, Please practice Dharma that benefits you forever. He never showed reverence to a layperson, however high-ranking in society, saying, “Homage should be paid to the Three Jewels but not to mundane beings.

Longchen Rabjam Series

They have the unique characteristics of elucidating the correct meanings with clear words, uncomplicated and perfectly pure that cleanses all the negativities and obscurations. My delight at death is much greater than the joy of traders who have made their fortune at sea.

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Longchen Rabjam Series | Lotsawa House

Longchenpa was first ordained at rabjxm age of eleven and studied extensively with the Third KarmapaRangjung Dorje. At the time of cremation, the earth trembled three times and a loud sound was heard seven times.

The Longchen Rabjam Shedra is a unique program with a traditional eight year curriculum in Buddhist Philosophy, according to the Pema Lingpa lineage of the Nyingma school of Buddhism. The immediate reincarnation of Pema LedreltsalLongchenpa is regarded as an indirect incarnation of the longcheb Pema Sal.

Various forms and spellings of Longchenpa’s full name sin which ‘Longchen’ means “great expanse”, “vast space”, “great vortex”, and ‘Rab ‘byams’ “cosmic”, “vast”, “extensive”, “infinite”.

This is the supreme path that leads you to Buddhahood in a single life span. Out of renunciation I composed these thirty pieces of heart advice. His major work is the Seven Treasuries[1] [2] which encapsulates the previous years of Buddhist thought in Tibet.

Please support us on Patreon. On the eighteenth of that month, leaving behind his last will, he relaxed in the sphere of the primordial nature, in the posture of Dharmakaya. It was in the mountains that he met Rigdzin Kumaradza, who was travelling from valley to valley leading his rrabjam through the most difficult of circumstances.


Gyalwa Longchen Rabjam – Thubten Lekshey Ling

Then at longvhen hills near Trok Ogyen, he gave empowerments and teachings of Dzogpa Chenpo to ranjam three thousand people, including forty known as the masters of Dharma. Those present experienced the trembling of the earth and heard roaring sounds. From ‘Finding Comfort and Ease in Meditation’: May all be auspicious! Now, as I am departing from my impermanent illusory body, I shall tell you what are the beneficial things for you; please listen to me.

His foremost writings were gathered into several collections: While his body was being preserved for twenty-five days, a tent of rainbows arched constantly across the sky. In the bitter cold of snowy winter, he lived on a sack garment, which served him as both a robe and a bed. In addition to Dzogpa Chenpo meditation, he also practiced the forms and rites of various divinities, and he beheld pure visions of the peaceful and wrathful forms of Guru Rinpoche, Vajrasattva, and the peaceful and wrathful deities.

They are evenness, Great Perfection. A Marvelous Garland of Rare Gems: Videos and transcripts are uploaded onto a secure password protected website.


Finally the master empowered him as the lineage holder of the Nyingthig transmission. At a time when there was great danger of a civil war in central Tibet because of the plot of Kun-rik, the proud leader of Drikung, Longchen Rabjam fulfilled a prophecy concerning an incarnation of Manjushri by diverting Kun-rik from his wrongful path of warfare to the path of Dharma and bringing rabiam peace.

With compassion, he composed works for the well being of future disciples.

As prophesied by Vimalamitra, during the renovation of the monastery of Zha in Uru, he arose in the wrathful form of Padmasambhava and pacified all the negative forces.