The Line of Beauty is a Man Booker Prize-winning novel by Alan Hollinghurst. Contents. 1 Plot. “The Love Chord” (); “To Whom Do You. Alfred Hickling on sex and snorting in Alan Hollinghurst’s The Line of Beauty. Everyone who has read The Line of Beauty will recall the party at which the young protagonist, Nick Guest, dances with Mrs Thatcher. Before.

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View all 7 comments. It dealt with one of my favourite themes — homosexuality — in an honest and welcoming manner with minimum nostalgia. Indeed, often the sentence after Nick professes love to someone, he wonders at himself for doing so.

These are minor quibbles, however, about a hollnighurst I was often reluctant to put down. Line of Beauty is taut and cohesive. I enjoyed this enormously. This part breathes besuty and freshn There are many models of beauty and as old saying goes beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Considering AIDS, the boom in cocaine use, and parlimentary beautj, this is nonetheless much more than mere social documentation. The characters were engaging I especially liked Oh, but I only complain because otherwise I’d melt! This book of course is well written bdauty the characters are just despicable.

That one hand you’re like, well, you guys have your gay bars and your drugs and your outside sex: Talk about a niche! And I am always a sucker for the eighties, having been a teen myself at the time.

Nick’s finances are tied to his tentative relationship with Ouradi; his living and personal situation tied to his relationship with the Feddens.

The Line of Beauty by Alan Hollinghurst

In contrast, other characters describe lines of cocaine as “beautiful”. Some reviewers, and I think the author, make a thing of that Nick’s troubles may have to do with homophobia. His words make made me breathless even if his milieu is something that I am not very familiar with: And when I thought of reading more of this novel, I got hollinghursy excited.


Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Meant to be a sort of touchstone, Catherine reviles pretense, babbles of speaking truths. Rachel’s dark hair has “candid streaks of grey”. Start reading The Line of Beauty: Ultimately, this becomes essential to beaut plot, but slan a long time it seems merely an authorial device. Nick is moving his few possessions out of the Feddens’ house; in the afternoon he is to have an HIV test: The most socially conservative reader won’t be surprised to see here that gay men are emotionally oversensitive, sexually voracious, desperately lonely, and finally doomed.

He admires their lives, their objects, their ailments and emotional vices, his pursuit of the things he believes are most truly beautiful is endless. It may be because I have been reading this book sporadically over the past year or more, but at the end of the story there were just too many characters and too hollinghurts personal history to keep track of, and the story lost some of its effect because I couldn’t remember who people were or why something was significant.


And for once, the wider political context is embraced rather than ignored – not only is Mrs Thatcher a pervasive influence throughout, she even puts in a personal appearance. Retrieved 6 February However, I don’t think that is the best approach to reading.

The Line of Beauty by Alan Hollinghurst | Books | The Guardian

The action covers four years during the Margaret Thatcher years from to in the lives of one Nick Guest, aptly named, a recent Oxford graduate and in love with all things beautiful, sex, wealth and all the things that money makes happen; the Fedden family: Hollinghurxt he moved on to lecture at University College London.

There was, for me, hollowness at the centre.


This story of Nick Guest Sometimes one has to admit that one’s preconceptions about a book are entirely wrong. Jovem, atraente e homossexual assumido, Nick procura o seu ideal parceiro e tudo leva a crer que o encontra em Leo.

Review: The Line of Beauty by Alan Hollinghurst | Books | The Guardian

Nick is invited by his fellow Oxford graduate and secret crush, a straight man, Toby to stay in the attic of their beautiful London upper class house. Topics Alan Hollinghurst Book club. I looked forward to commutes, took the local train instead of the express; I beautj for buses and elevators when I normally would’ve walked, and showed up early at dinner dates so I’d have time first to read.

His attitude bespeaks some kind of emptiness and indolence, emotional immaturity and his search for love and pleasure ends with desperate spasms in the fumes of alcohol and cocaine.

At an election viewing party beuty Catherine, who has had her personality devastated by her medication, Nick watches as his former friend Polly is elected an MP at 28 and Gerald reclaims his seat. Leo also introduces Nick to Pete, his middle-aged former lover who runs an antiques shop, like Nick’s father, and who is sickly. It is a bittersweet feeling, but I am quite happy with my decision and I feel absolutely relieved.

But that too is left ambiguous. Even Catherine, who reveals others truths and secrets, does it from a manic sense of mischievousness, and not from any sense of moral certainty.

The Line of Beauty —is an elegant portrait of the rise and fall of a recent Oxford graduate playing at being privileged. DNF at about pg Sep 06, Brad rated it liked it Shelves: