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on protection from domestic violence. The new Law (Ley No. , Nov. 25, , EL PERUANO [the official gazette] (Nov. 27, ). A law on domestic violence was adopted in (Ley No. , Ley de Proteccion frente a la Violencia Familiar) (Centro Flora Tristan Sept. Bolivia Ley 1, contra la violencia doméstica y familiar, Ley 1, que Perú Ley 26,, que establece la situación y políticas sociales sobre la.

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Although the law no longer requires reconciliation between the victim and the aggressor, this solution is still supported by the attitudes of some judges and police officers Movimiento Manuela Ramos 24 Feb.

Telephone interview with a lawyer. Advanced Search Search Tips. A program called [translation] “A Right to a Violence-Free Life,” under the auspices of the Manuela Ramos Movement, deals mainly with domestic violence-related issues ibid.

Another study indicated that more than 56 per cent of the cases of extreme violence against women recorded between February and March by the Flora Tristan Centre for Peruvian Women resulted in the death of the victim Centro de la Mujer Peruana Flora Tristan 24 Nov.

The group often distributes printed material in its awareness campaigns ibid.

Global Database on Violence against Women

According to the Manuela Ramos Movement’s lawyer, this is an example of the gap between institutional requirements and reality, because many health professionals do not act in accordance with the law and refuse to perform this type 262600 exam to avoid being involved in legal proceedings Movimiento Manuela Ramos 24 Feb. The original version of this document may be found on the offical website of the IRB at http: A lawyer from the Ministry of Women and Social Development Ministerio de la Mujer y Desarollo Social, MIMDES stated that some progress has been made in the domestic violence situation, but that there is still [translation] “much to be done,” partly because the problem is not perceived as [translation] “an issue of public interest that affects fundamental rights,” and because victims often do not report incidents of violence out of fear or lack of key Peru 22 Feb.

The government continues to offer assistance to domestic violence victims through emergency shelters for women Centros Emergencia Mujer, CEM Peru 22 Feb. Some interventions helped women experiencing ldy other than domestic and sexual violence ibid. According to Country Reports”the majority of reported cases did not result in formal charges due to fear of retaliation from the accused spouse or because of the cost involved in pursuing a complaint. Visible injuries are not necessary to file a complaint ibid.

The lawyer from the Manuela Ramos Movement indicated that criminal proceedings take place in both cases: If the disability time is deemed to be more than ten days, it is then considered a “felony” delitoand the matter will be brought before a criminal judge ibid.


Medical exams for victims are now free and can be performed by any health professional Movimiento Manuela Ramos 24 Feb. Justices of the peace continue to use reconciliation under the pretext of preserving family unity ibid. The punishments that can be imposed vary according to the category of the offence ibid. This Response is not, and does not purport to be, conclusive as to the merit of any particular claim for refugee protection.

According to this lawyer, the number of reported domestic violence cases has increased, which is worrisome but also encouraging, because it indicates that women are exercising their rights and reporting incidents of violence ibid. During6, calls were directly related to domestic violence, while 1, other calls were related to other issues ibid.

According to Freedom House, “[s]pousal abuse is perhaps the greatest problem facing women in Peru today, although recently the government has taken some steps to address the issue” 14 Sept. Country Reports indicated that “violence against women, including. From tothe number of reported cases of domestic and sexual violence increased from 29, in to 28, inand finally to 30, in ibid.

Law of Protection from Family Violence. Judges, lawyers and police officers were educated in order to make them 22660 sensitive to victims; with the support of the European Union, training programs were offered in 10 cities in Peru Movimiento Manuela Ramos 24 Feb. Either the victim or a family member can file the complaint ibid. The study indicated that the [translation] “most alarming” discovery was that most of the perpetrators were part of the victims’ social circle of close family and friends ibid.

This plan, the first of its kind, is the result of a policy that has recognized the great risks, damages and disadvantages that domestic violence has on more than half the population ibid.

This Response was prepared after researching publicly accessible information currently available to the Research Directorate within time constraints. The lawyer pointed out that there is still 26620 gap between attitudes and the institutional and legal measures in place ibid. These interventions, in the form of referrals, legal aid, psychological counselling and reception, totalledin andin ibid. HRW reports that “the vast majority of domestic let cases are classified as misdemeanors” and end up before a justice of the peace, which has an effect on the protection and redress available to the victim HRW 31 Mar.

The law also “authorizes the victim’s relatives and unrelated persons living in the home to file complaints of domestic violence” Country Reports 28 Feb. The lawyer from the Manuela Ramos Movement stated that some of the MIMDES public policy directions raise concern; she noted that the government is promoting a certain vision of the family, to the detriment of women’s rights, which makes it more difficult to convey the message that issues specifically affecting women must be addressed and resolved 24 Feb.


One oral source Centro de la Mujer Peruana Flora Tristan could not provide information within the time constraints for this Response. Documents earlier than may be found only on Refworld. Email this document Printable version.

FE Reference 1 Cite as Canada: The lawyer from the Manuela Ramos Movement noted that the amendments made to the domestic violence law in May [translation] “improved the law” Movimiento Manuela Ramos 24 Feb. Thursday, 27 December A law on domestic violence was adopted in Ley No. This law [translation] “establishes the responsibility of the local authorities to promote shelters” ibid.

In order to file a domestic violence complaint, which can be oral 26620 written, the person must show her or his identity card at a police station or at an office of the Provincial Family Prosecutor Fiscal Provincial de Familia Peru n.

The lawyer from the Manuela Ramos Movement stated that [translation] “there are still many obstacles for victims to overcome in terms of the procedure in place” ibid. Country Reports lej Human Rights Practices for Centro de la Mujer 266260 Flora Tristan.

MIMDES stated that it has heightened the awareness of four million people about the harmful effects of domestic and sexual violence through various campaigns, including televised messages against domestic violence Peru 25 Nov. UNHCR is not responsible for, nor does it necessarily endorse, its content. Currently, 41 CEMs are in operation in Peru ibid. In fact, a summary prepared by the Manuela Ramos Movement of the amendments to the domestic violence law indicated that a prosecutor who receives a domestic violence complaint must provide the required [translation] “immediate protection” Lej Manuela Ramos n.

Each CEM has a team that responds directly to women’s needs and each is required to have a medical examiner, but this is not always the case Movimiento Manuela Ramos 24 Feb. The person does not have to be examined before filing the complaint, but she or he must undergo medical and psychological testing sometime during the process ibid. Domestic violence misdemeanor offences are punishable by a maximum of 20 to 30 days community service and a fine ibid.

Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Peru: The Manuela Ramos Movement leyy that its legal service provided 3, consultations in Movimiento Manuela Ramos n. The ombudsman for women’s rights has two roles in addressing domestic violence: