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And the answer was lvl9 spells aren’t going to be added for the sole purpose of making all spell schools have them. Mon Feb 08, 8: What do you all think?

Tue Jan 11, I think it’s interesting to have some skills peak in usefulness ely, only to fall off endgame.

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Mon Feb 08, This has come up a bunch of times before; the end tends to be “it’s OK if poison doesn’t have super late-game efficacy, ,ey like short blades and beogh and yred and stuff”. Tue Feb 09, 6: Olgreb’s toxic radiance is broken as hell if you’re playing a gargoyle or an undead. Option 3 has been addressed somewhat recently.

I’m beginning to feel like a Cat God! I really feel like it makes sense for the elemental schools to be on par with each other. Poison magic is relevant in vaults, it’s relevant in depths, it’s relevant for most of Zot.

The New Yorker Digital Edition : Nov 17,

Some possible solutions I can see from best to worst: Acid effects are historically virtually irresistible only yellow draconians, and the J genus except: Google [Bot] and 3 guests. Thu Dec 23, Tue Sep 13, 5: For fun, for flavor, for variety. UNLESS we opened it up to acid; which the old document says we shouldn’t, but hell the devs just completely reworked the majority of amulets; adding acid to poison wouldn’t be a stretch.


ALL of that said, there’s no point in higher level poison spells unless there were more non-Poison resistant enemies in extended or the spells were defensive on tier with Necromut, which is hard to imagine.

Lair has multiple black mambas and spiny frogs, which have poison as their sole resistance; facing them as VM is no different than facing eight levels of molten gargoyles as a FE or AE. It’s let much better than iron shot or bolts against non-rPois stuff, and substantially worse against rPois stuff.

Players Legend Trophies Ranking

I am not a very good player. Fri May 02, 3: Toxic Revelation – After a brilliant ldy of inspiration, one extremely skilled poison mage learned a way to not only poison flesh and blood, but even poison the very nature of magical energies that all beings draw upon for a brief period.

I believe poison magic doing acid spells is somewhere on the “will not do” list. Interesting in that you can adjust your bonuses by using other self-poison spells, but must carefully consider whether the damage you’ll be taking from poison will ldy lower than the damage you won’t be taking from the enemies. Fri Feb 05, 6: I don’t think anyone would disagree that a Crawl without lfy is better than a Crawl with it.

The potential gain here outweighs the negative which doesnt exist.

However, with poison magic, this logic does not apply, because It is important to have resistant enemies, of course, but no other elementalist faces nearly as many at this point of the game AE and EE have nothing resistant, FE only has imps, IE gets Throw Icicle so they don’t care overmuch about cold resistance. Mon Feb 08, 2: Unless more things in extended were poison susceptible, there wouldn’t be a use for a high level poison spell comes down to being the issue.


IE if you want high level poison spells, you need enemies that are susceptible to the current ones later so you’ll have something to use the higher level ones on when you get them.

Shouldn’t poison magic have some high level spells? • View topic • The Tavern

MC disables the opponent and gives infinite free stabs. It’s the only spellschool of practically no use in extended Yes you can use P.

At least one Fiend ought to lose it, as should a couple other major demons, and probably either of mambas or spinies. And like everyone knows, Parrow is not a guaranteed spell. Sun Jul 14, 4: Blink doesn’t help you kill things, which Wz needs.

As long as there is a major benefit training conjurations instead, 10969 would be fine with the removing of the whole PM school. Its early game is tedious.