Source, ? Label: Landesforstgesetz für das Land Nordrhein-Westfalen (Landesforstgesetz. 11 Magazines from found on – Read for FREE. Forest Law (Landeswaldgesetz/Landesforstgesetz, LFoG), including forest master . Landesforstgesetz für das Land Nordrhein-Westfalen.

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All sectors eligible for aid to SMEs.

EUR-Lex – XC(01) – EN – EUR-Lex

Maximum overall amount per year covers all measures in the key issues paper. Forest road construction and environment Within the last few years forest road construction and use was one of the problems the forest administration had to deal with.

OJ C 23, Besides this, there is still a need for access roads in the smallest categories of private woodland, whereby it appears expedient to combine several small woodland ownership into one development unit usually according to topographical criteria. Regione Piemonte — Direzione Industria Address: The roadway should as far as possible be inclined on both sides watch-glass section with a camber of about 2 percent in its centre section, increasing to percent at its edges, accompanied by a trench on its uphill side on sloping terrain.

Greater appreciation and experience of qualitative and quantitative repercussions have resulted in a growth in environmental-political relevance, and thus public concern of the complex of questions relating to the ecological evaluation of forestry access roads. Forests in Nordrhein-Westfalen Twenty-six percent or ha of the surface is covered by forests, that means an average of m 2 of forest per inhabitant the Federal average is 1 m 2.

Forstamtsgrenzen karten-layer – Datasets – European Data Portal

The natural angle of incline must be observed in the construction of embankments. Duration of landesforstbesetz scheme or individual aid award. Authors of the research: The Commission will be informed of any such changes. Hydraulic chisel hammers should be used instead.


However, in each individual case the type of construction and development standard must be assessed and determined. Almost 18 million inhabitants live landsforstgesetz 34 km 2that is nearly 25 percent of Germany’s total population. Difficult topographical conditions steep slopes, wet areas or complicated landesforstgesehz patterns often rule out a meaningful stipulation of this landesforstgeaetz, which in any case makes no qualitative statement nor an indication of the need for additional access roads.

However, the fact that in many cases these roads play a significant role in enabling public access for increased recreational usage must also be taken into account. In the case of new road construction it would appear expedient to require that the notification of proposals be accompanied by a topographical map on a scale of 1: They have to produce timber as well as to protect water, air and soil. Curves should have a minimum radius of 20 m. Investitionsbank Sachsen-Anhalt Gruppe Sonderprogramm.

As the example of road system re-optimization by a private forest management has shown, this can even result in a reduction in landesfrostgesetz of the grid whilst at the same time maintaining the standard of access Becker et al.

Economic sectors concerned NB: Beschluss des Wiener Gemeinderates vom Decisions within the framework of landesforstgessetz development planning road network density, routing and road standards cross-sectional design, dimensioning are initially determined from a technical, economic and individual operational point of view.

Treaty establishing the European Community Legal basis: A maximum of 8 percent is desirable. A proposal not covered by this regulation would otherwise necessitate a complex individual consent under the laws pertaining to the protection of water resources, incurring an effort which is completely out of proportion to the generally small-scale forest road construction projects, so that this type of procedure cannot be recommended.


Almost 18 million inhabitants live within 34 m 2.

If suitable construction material cannot be extracted from the immediate vicinity by the above-described process, the following criteria should be observed when obtaining materials from external sources: The following pages contain the most important conclusions of the research. Measures to promote the sale and use of wood and wood products from small and medium-sized businesses in the timber sector in North Rhine-Westphalia, such as felling companies, forwarding firms and manufacturing and processing firms see also the attached key issues landesforstgrsetz, specifically the measures under point 2.

They also coincide with an increased potential of conflict when determining the appropriate balance between public and commercial use demands. Although, or even because, they have been intensively cultivated and used. EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law.

Forstamtsgrenzen karten-layer

It is often possible to construct roads with natural materials brought from only a short horizontal distance or to obtain materials by the soil exchange process.

The type of usage is regulated and restricted by the Forestry Act, and must be tolerated by the landowner as it falls within the lnadesforstgesetz of the social contribution of forest property.

Account will be taken of a possible future requirement as to a recent exemption notification based on the period of validity of the SME aid block exemption Regulation. This should be taken into account when selecting materials.