LaCie Ethernet Disk mini 10/ – User Manual, Installation, Troubleshooting Tips, and Downloads. Reset or Update the ED Mini 10/ · Ethernet Disk gives. LaCie Ethernet Disk Mini-Home Edition – User Manual, Installation, Troubleshooting Tips, and Downloads. The default machine name for the LaCie Ethernet Disk mini is “EDmini”. mini’s IP address: Obtain Configuration From DHCP Server or Configure Manually.

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Ethernet Disk mini v2. Home Edition or Internet Space using homelacie. Doing so increases the risk of electrical shock, short-circuiting, fire or personal injury. This icon refers to tips to help maximize performance. Support rows Support Support. Minimum System Requirements for more operating system support Hi- information. Getting Connected 15 4. In the event that the drive is still not recognized, take the drive to another computer and attempt to connect the drive.

Restore the Ethernet Disk Mini: The default name is “EDmini,” but you may modify the name. Your drive should power manuap automatically after connecting the USB cable.

System Log By clicking the View system log button in the Status menu, you will be taken to the System log window, where you can review the type, date, time, source and event ID of activities on the LaCie Ethernet Disk mini. After the user name and password have been verified, you will be able to browse the contents of the LaCie Ethernet Disk mini through either http or FTP. LaCie Ethernet Disk mini 5.


Configuration Menu 25 6. This warranty is void if: User’s Menu for more information on creating users. Disk Menu By clicking on the Disk tab, you will be brought to the main page of the Disk menu. Mannual user does not have Has the administrator created access to the LaCie that specific user?

Disk Menu 28 6. Ethernet Disk Mini Home Datasheet. If your network is not DHCP enabled, you will need to manually configure the address; please see section 4.

Ethernet Disk mini-Home Edition

From here you can modify the domain or workgroup to which the LaCie Manuxl Disk mini is attached. After clicking Log Off, click on the Close Windows button to leave the program. UDP uses the IP to get a data unit a datagram from one computer to another, but does not sequence the packets that the data arrives in. Port, number – Used to identify a specific process to which an Internet or other network message is to be forwarded manuql it arrives at a server.


Can I remove the user password requirement from my LaCie Ethernet device?

Media – The material or device used to store information in a storage subsystem, such as a tape cartridge, CD, DVD or disk drive. Status Menu 31 6.

Configure Your Ethernet Disk Mini Using the NAS Administration Page | Seagate Support

In order for a another user to access the LaCie Ethernet Disk mini, two conditions must be met: Europe, Middle East, Africa. Stand-alone Installation The LaCie Ethernet Disk mini includes a convenient drive stand, which allows the drive to be placed in an upright position.

LaCie Ethernet Disk mini Glossary User’s Manual page 43 Port, software – A memory address that identifies the physical circuit used to transfer information between a microprocessor and a peripheral. Connecting The External Power Supply 14 4. Configuration Menu By clicking on the Configuration tab, you will be brought to the main page of the Configuration menu.

Bus – Electronic links that enable data to flow ,acie the processor, RAM and extension cables peripherals. Your LaCie Ethernet Disk mini page 10 2. The drive can now be disconnected.