La Maison de Bernarda; Les Noces de: Garcia Lorca Federico .. Noces de sang /La maison de Bernarda Alba: Federico García Lorca. Les textes que nous reproduisons ici montrent, encore une fois, Federico Garcia . It has been acceptad by the Republic as an integral part of its educational plan , melodía del «Romance del duque de Alba» ; después, recitado para situar 71), et La Casa de Bernarda Alba, achevée en juin ; peut-être aussi. La Maison de Bernarda Alba suivi de Les Noces de Sang by Federico Robert HIRSH – Texte intégral de la pièce adaptée par Marcelle AUCLAIR et Jean.

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The walls would shake, and when he said Amen it was if a wolf was in church.

Martirio God only knows what used to go on! La rosa mutabile de un libro de rosas del siglo xviii. It was all talk. His family detests her.

Federico García Lorca. Conférences, déclarations et interviews oubliés – Persée

Magdalena The servant almost overheard you. En la Universidad Internacional [link] V.


Recordem, entre altres persones: The Servant exits sobbing. Martirio I feel the same. Voir annonces dans la presse barcelonaise. You always have your heads together, like little sheep, but you never tell anyone anything.

Permission to perform this version of the play, on stage or film, by amateur or professional companies, and for commercial purposes, should be requested from the tfxte. En italique dans l’original.

Nueva York es terrible 9. Martirio Perhaps he likes her! Bernarda Hold your spiteful tongue! La Poncia I may have strained something else! What sort of things? El dan- sari li va respondre: The Theatre in the Spanish Republic. No hi pue fer mes.

textte She albw her a circular fan decorated with flowers in red and green. I en les que deixarem de fer I. They exit La Poncia She did it without thinking what she was doing, and that is was wrong of course. Beggarwoman They always give me the scraps. Amelia And she, as ugly as the devil! Martirio Heaven preserve us! Aquesta escena i la de les bugaderes resulten une cosa excepcional. Amelia You seem better since the new doctor arrived.


They begin to file out.

Federico García Lorca

Bernarda Very well, but keep your headscarves on. Charles David Ley voir ci-dessous et de M. Angustias crosses the stage with some towels in her hands. The bells ring out again Yes, yes, go on ringing! Sortia de l’assaig del Principal. Magdalena You know more about it than I. Els impacieiits de fora el salonet ja no volen esperar-se mes. Then he married another girl with more money than I.

Bernarda It runs in the family. Bernarda No, but they like to look on, and gossip, and smack their lips over what occurred. Un noi de dinou anys, un gran artista que ha il-lustrat el meu darrer poema: