La conciencia de la mestiza:Towards a New Consciousness. AF. Ana Flores. Updated 31 March Transcript. Gloria Anzaldúa. “The fact that I . Gloria Anzaldua’s, “La Conciencia de la Mestiza” The chapter “Towards a New Consciousness” begins with a reference to Mexican author. La conciencia de la mestiza/towards a new consciousness: an inter-american conversation with Gloria Anzaldúa. Rev. Estud. Fem. [online]. , vol, n

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Instead Mestiza consciousness employs,” a third element which ,a greater than the sum of its severed parts” to heal the individual. You wasted no space on needless words, and approached the prompt head on. Gustavo Colunga May 26, at 9: Furthermore, Anzaldua does not conform to passivity in the midst of constant changing of forms. This new consciousness transcends the boundaries constructed by Western myths such as: You answered this well enough to understand what the question meant.

Viviana Mendoza May 27, at 2: Or it “splits people” and can lead them into a further assimilation to the American culture. Her argument is such that the only way to revolutionize and create social change is if the individual and collective consciousness actively breaks down and uproots dualistic thinking Anzaldua, Since there are more interracial marriages, it is inevitable to have a mestiz race.

However, the concept of the mestiza consciousness breaks away from this view, ” This entry was posted on August 15, at 7: The mestiza develops a tolerance for contradictions because she herself is one.

This is what she means as well by the mestiza copes by developing a jew for contradictions, she herself is a contradiction and by embracing all of the different and conflicting parts. Keronten Ewings May 26, at 9: A limited time mestia She speaks of the importance of the concienxia of a woman, not to be confused for weakness, nor taken for granted.

In which she lives in. Maddie Lubeck May 26, at 9: The Mestiza consciousness stems from la mestiza raza, a mix of white, black, latino, Asian, all races. She is attaining, through an overcoming of ambiguity and struggle, a new sense of self that she implores the reader to embrace as well and take pride in, but also to take responsibly.


English La Conciencia de la Mestiza- Towards a New Consciousness by Anzaldua

You answered every point and were very clear on what you were trying to say. This site uses cookies. The Mestiza lives in a world that consists of a split between cultures and gender and works to create her own sense of reality by accepting both worlds and molding them to reflect her. Julia Lovelace May 26, at I agree that in order to resolve all conflict that this idea would need to be overcome on a universal scale.

To heal concirncia split and “bring us to the end of rape, of violence, of war” “our mothers, our sister and brothers, the guys who hang out on dr corner, the children in the playgrounds, each of us must know out Concienvia lineage, our afro-mestizaje, our history of resistance” These Tejanos along with Chicanos and immigrant Latinos have formed an alternate culture around the border.

She implores the sense of One, and most importantly, she strives for a vision of a collective consciousness rising. To think that there are only two entities, both opposites of each other. This massive uprooting of dualistic thinking requires a grand unity within the people. While this mixture brings about a new perspective it also brings unrest to the mestizas mind. Gloria, I like where this is going but I also believe you could’ve elaborated.

La Conciencia de la Mestiza Towards a New Consciousness | Free Essays –

If people can learn to understand one another, then the world would cease to have problems. The answer to the problem Other than that, I enjoyed reading your interpretation.

A mestiza has a variety of genes but also has Latin roots that were mainly Indian. May 25, at 8: Ironically, the melting happens, and yet the inimitable identities of the selves remain. One of those being the subject object barrier. It is interesting to understand that divided loyalties show only one side of the multi-faceted and dynamic relation of identities and cultural boundaries.

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I really liked the quote you use and how it creates a consciousness of the mestiza. David barboza May 26, at 8: Dualistic thinking is “the coming together of two self-consistent but habitually incompatible frames of reference [which] causes un choque, a cultural collision” Anzaldua The dual thinking that must be uprooted is the ideology of the oppressor and the oppressed.

La Conciencia de la Mestiza Towards a New Consciousness

She is shunned from her own culture because of her womanhood but at the same time creates her own because of her mestizaje. When thinking creates paradigms and separation, then the difference between two sides becomes exploited and looked at through a very negative lens.

The dilemma of the mestiza lies in her multiple cultural boundaries. The problem with the new “mestizaje” is that they are recieving mixed, “often opposing messages,” from their parental cultures. In chapter 7, Anzaldua explains the idea Mestiza consciousness. We must rid the world of consciohsness dualistic thinking to move “away from set patterns and goals and toward a more whole perspective” Anzaldua Yazmin Caballero May 27, at Socioeconomic issues al poverty, the downgrade of women, the lack of dignity in the people, all the things that keep the people bound can be alleviated, Anzaldua writes, by embracing this new consciousness.

Jonelle Gonzalez May 26, at 8: Nice to read a response that differs from my own thinking. Really la conciencia is to neew through serpent and eagle eyes. She explains that she has the split that no one else has, she is in coatlicue state that no one else can be in except a person with dual consciousness comciencia thinking.

The realization of the mestiza can create a new conscience that strays away from the black and white paradigm.