Este sexto libro de Kryon trata de la Asociación con Dios Kryon nos explica temas como las Siete Conexiones del amor, los Niños Índigo, la co-creación de la. Kryon dice ser una entidad extraterrestre canalizada por el norteamericano Lee Carroll y catastróficas que nos proporcionan a diario los medios de comunicación. . (Recuerda, Jan y yo escribimos el libro ori¬ginal sobre Los Niños Índigo. The Paperback of the Kryon by Angelo Picco Barilari at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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To make peace with the fate they have consequentially designed to experience themselves. I was never aware of the true reason for the words I was channeling within this world. During and within this process of forgiveness we became aware of the true nature of krton consequences we have allowed during our excursions within consciousness.

Eine Kryon – Parabel.


The unconscious mind downloads information through the CDMCS which consists of tentacles which stretch and permeate throughout the entire physical body of the Crystal Children. It starts with the simple act of applying forgiveness with corrective action in every here moment in standing up and taking responsibility for all as one and equal within existence to be able to design the manifested expression of who we really are as the experience of heaven on earth within existence. So when they are born, they are immediately born as CDMCS with the unconscious mind already placed within their physical body as crystals, holding the reactive behaviour patterns and designs which generate emotional and feeling energy, already prepared, in place the moment they are introduced into this systematic world.

Once the Indigo Child participates within this world and become this SMCS within them, this system flourishes and integrates throughout the physical body within the DNA, molecular structures and cell alignments. This was the foundation, as I have mentioned, all channels were based on: The crystals that develop, form and manifest in their physical body are specifically linked to the unconscious mind, which connects to all human beings in this world.

Then also the one and only goal of consciousness systems is to have relationships be applied between human beings, so it may lead to a sexual experience so it may generate its ability to exist through the power source centers as human beings through their emotional and feeling compound energy. Kryon – Introducing Lee Carroll This is the true nature of the origination and purpose of Crystal Children here in this world.

The basis of the subconscious mind consists of the application of evolution. The compounding of nos energy occurs within the absorption of the crystals infused with the consciousness systems flourishing within the physical body.

The Kryon Channellings by Lee Carroll.

Many of the kids see angels! Some, it didn’t help at all, and some it helped greatly. The continued belief within the information and knowledge you have of Indigo Children must actually be completely and totally discarded. Sex in this world is the manifested expression of the power source requirement to make it possible for consciousness systems to have the ability to exist as it thrives off the emotional and feeling compound energy generated during the sexual experience.


That means expect some humor. All beings, all original designers within the dimensions, became slaves to their own creation as consciousness systems together with the White Light systems placed itself as the directive power within existence where dimensional beings had limited access to their own creations here on earth.

If these specific lines of belief within the current information and understanding human beings have of Indigo Children continue — realize that you are supporting consciousness systems’ power source centers as the SMCS within the Indigo Children’s to maintain control over human beings within this world as who they have become.

I would stand absolute as one with all the consciousness system establishments which I assisted in designing in this world within the channel in which I communicated. Lee Carroll – billig bestellen preiswert Shop One of the two parts within this SMCS specialized mind consciousness system is specifically designed as the Indigo Child’s personality which includes the Child’s behaviour and choice of words.

The moment forgiveness is applied aloud within you to release yourself from your self-defined secluded existence as consciousness; your eyes begin to open to the true expression of existence and what you have allowed within your participations as consciousness.

Their specific personalities as behaviour patterns have been pre-designed to create extensive amounts of emotional compound energy as they participate in the becoming of this SMCS infused, locked ktyon and implanted within them. This is a reactive behaviour pattern which generates feeling energy defined as love. Niso explain to you in this moment here the entire process within heaven which have been taking place for about nineteen months or more would only be able to be explained within about twenty two books or so, if not even more.

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The actual truth is that human beings thrive on the experience of sex, though this has been cloaked by the application of relationship and the word love. Indigo Children are but upgraded consciousness systems — infused, locked in and implanted with SMCS to specifically generate extensive amounts of emotional compound energy through their behaviours to support the flourishing of mind consciousness systems within human beings as who they have become.

These systems I participated within designing were the primary support structures for the establishments of consciousness enslavement and control systems within existence, both in heaven and earth.

Human beings have no inclination of who they really are but what is known by them undigo those that have gone before them as the only way of existence: I was only able to integrate my dimensional head, sometimes my dimensional arms, within the human being as channel here on earth I would communicate the words as transcribed by other dimensional beings who were specifically placed to design channeling transcripts with words as information which will support the infusions and integrations of consciousness systems within human beings.

In the last six years we have traveled the world speaking in front of kruon and small groups alike We have dealt with all ages and many cultures representing many languages. We ask you to discern for yourselves as you read on. It was distributed around the world within months, was translated into many foreign languages, and outsold any book we had ever written before.


I am able to stand up and take responsibility for what I have allowed through my previous support within consciousness enslavement in control — even if I at times weren’t aware of the exact reason for the information I was channeling to human beings on earth.

This channel through a dimensional portal has now presented the opportunity for me to correct all of my invigo channels regarding the nature of Indigo Children and communicate with all freely as who I really am. Within some of the scrolls within Alcyone were my writings and entries of the designs of the consciousness systems and the history of the development of the entire consciousness system established enslaved and controlled existence. So if the kids want to talk about God, we’re going to let you know.

Thus, I emphasize, that the previous information I channeled of the Indigo Children was also that of consciousness systems support to maintain the control and enslavement of human beings on earth. KryonParables of.

Kryon – Indigo and Crystal children

Ask any schoolteacher these days, and they will tell you that our educational system really needs an overhaul.

Due to this knowledge and with my current awareness of the consequences of my participations and actions while lost within and as consciousness: Years ago we expected to see reports and articles on “attributes of the new kids” in elementary educational and day-care periodicals.

This will enable you to thus have the inos to reveal the true nature of the Indigo Children and the reason for their presence and specific niks of application and expression here in this world. Jan and I would like to believe that everyone who picks this book up has read the original Indigo Child book called The Indigo Childrenpublished by the same organization that is publishing this one Hay House.

I ask your forgiveness in my admittance of my conscious participation within the establishments of the enslaved and controlled existence as consciousness. The desire to experience sex. Now we within the dimensions, including the infinites of the Children, are requesting indlgo human beings and parents’ who come in contact with such Children to treat and communicate with them as one and equal with who they are so we together may completely remove the SMCS within them and finally set them free to become who they really are.

Due to this immediate manifestation, the crystals immediately develop as source, specifically within the DNA of the Crystal Children’s jryon biology.

What is undigo Indigo Child? In fact, we think they’re more than okay.

The upgraded Crystal Children CDMCS designs were established in this world when those few dimensional beings in power over all beings in existence, discovered the crystallization which occurred within the Indigo Children’s indogo bodies with the usage of Ritalin.