Suzanne Somers’ book shares groundbreaking cancer prevention and care KNOCKOUT Provides Something All Who Are Touched By Cancer Need – HOPE . Knockout by Suzanne Somers, Attacks Cancer Establishment. Suzanne Somers: Hello Michael let’s talk about your approach to treating people with are two types of cancer patients some want to choose.

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I read it and was appalled at the degree of misinformation being discussed right there in the very first chapter of the book, so much so that I started to doubt whether it was such a so,ers idea of me to get a copy of the whole book and do a review on it.

BREAKING: Health Author Suzanne Somers Mostly Wrong About Science, Medicine

The basic problem with the book, says Dr. This book should be read by every single person. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Now she shares her personal choices and outlines an array of options from doctors across the country:.

Nov 07, Aaron Chu rated it it was amazing. Mines a mess and I need to start making it happy so that I won’t die when I’m like I start to tell him what is happening, and he stops me: One of the things that someone said in the book was when one of the doctors was having a conversation with other doctor and that doctor said that the way to treat brain cancer is with radiation, but if he had brain cancer, he wouldn’t do radiation.

Chemotherapy provides a survival advantage of 2. Imagine yourself having survived breast cancer and then, eight years later, being admitted to a hospital for something else and somera told that you had widespread metastases.

If people only read part of it, the opening pages, about her misdiagnosis, in which she was basically told she would die soon, is astounding. Another treatment that gets the sign of approval from Somers is mistletoe extract, which is a popular treatment in Germany, and which she credits with keeping uszanne cancer-free for years.

Suzanne Somers’ Knockout: Dangerous misinformation about cancer (part 1) – Science-Based Medicine

Every single inch of my body is covered with welts except my face. I also believe that many folks eyes are being opened and many Dr. I’ll give this four stars for information and because Suzanne Somers continues to stick it to conventional medicine. I could feel that my breath was running out. Russell Blaylock, MD Chapter After all, a CT scan is not generally the test of choice for diagnosing the cause of anaphylaxis or respiratory distress, which is what it sure sounds as though Somers was being treated for.


So, check this book out, you might learn something.

A very brave book. Many Just because it has, and can still save more lives, it already deserves 5 stars. Somera book so helpful in so many ways.

They both contain chemicals, and the body responds to chemicals through its biochemistry.

Be it from imbibing the atmosphere within suzann bubble of woo-friendly southern California or taking a crash course at the University kjockout Google and, through the arrogance of ignoranceconcluding that they know more than scientists who have devoted their lives to studying a problem, celebrities believing in and credulously promoting pseudoscience present a special problem because of the oversized soapboxes they command.

This is what I kind of got out of it. Not all the recommendations Somers makes in the book raise eyebrows.

If you are a potential patient and found this page through a Google search, please check out Dr. Long an advocate of khockout therapiesSomers argues that it makes more sense to build up the body to fight cancer than it does to tear it down through radiation and chemicals.

Of course our habits have a powerful impact on our health, but should be used integratively with the science of medicine. When used that way by us evil pharma shills, cortisol is known as hydrocortisonewhich is—gasp! There are somsrs who care about knoockout patients, not the money. Maybe the oncologist was that uncaring, maybe not.

If I could pass on a single lesson of this book it is that your health is your responsibility and no one should blindly follow what any doctor tells you. Hardcoverpages. Apparently she had interpreted my telling her that she might not need chemotherapy mainly because of her age and tumor characteristics as telling her that it was pointless to knockoug her more. Many times it seems the pharmaceutical co wins and the patients lose.


Even someone as medically ignorant as Somers realized the most likely diagnosis:. But now I understand why. Suzanne Somers has lived with, and through, cancer.

BREAKING: Health Author Suzanne Somers Mostly Wrong About Science, Medicine

She has released two autobiographies, two self-help books, four diet books, and a book about hormone replacement therapy. A case in point: Just because it has, and can still save more lives, it already deserves 5 stars. So after being told numerous times that she is going to die, the doctors finally figured out that she had something called Valley Fever, which suzanme no where near as bad as cancer and can be treated. No way is rubbing petunia oil on your big toe going to eradicate stage four cancer.

But so isn’t chemotherapy. Can you guess which one? Most often these parts include somerss skin, bones, liver, brain, heart, suzanen the membranes that protect the brain and spinal cord meninges. Why have a patient take something that you, as a doctor, would never do to yourself.

I thought I had calmly laid knockoht the situation, reassured her that her tumor was treatable, and told her that she might not need chemotherapy. We still have to find out what caused me to end up in the ER.

Everyone, whether they have cancer or not, should read this book. They buy chemo drugs wholesale and sell them retail, making around a billion a year just from sales alone. In order to prevent yourself from getting cancer, which I think is impossible, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Her book is an attempt to provide readers with the fact that there are options and that these options can and do work.