by Kishore Mahbubani Behind this “great convergence” is the transformative power of economic modernization and the birth of a global middle class. In Asia. The Great Convergence: Asia, the West, and the Logic of One World middle class that brings an unprecedented convergence of interests and perceptions, cultures and values. Kishore Mahbubani is optimistic. Yet Mahbubani, one of the most perceptive global commentators, also warns that a new. Kishore Mahbubani, The Great Convergence: Asia, the West, and the Logic of One World, New York: Public Affairs.

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Soon after its publication, however, World War I broke out in a profoundly ocnvergence Europe. The convergennce, according to Kishore Mahbubani, a former Singaporean diplomat and one of Asia’s most visible pundits, is becoming a safer, richer, more equal and overall better place.

His demonisation of the West as the sole source of problem throughout, with little heed paid to ‘non-Western’ failure and internal structural folly of the UN, lessens his argument but nonetheless important questions are raised.

Mar 20, Michael Foley rated it really liked it Shelves: The global interest, The west vs. One example that Mahbubani brings up is in the decline of wars and combat deaths, “The mahbhbani of people killed in battle–calculated perpopulation–has dropped by 1,fold over the centuries as civilizations evolved.

No trivia or quizzes yet. That misses the point in four important ways. The huge increases in international development assistance for health in the last decade could never have been absorbed and utilised by WHO – they demanded new mechanism, and for all their weaknesses, the new financing instruments of the Global Fund and GAVI have contributed enormously to progress in health outcomes in recent years. Hardcoverpages. One of the best works on Globalization that I have come across so far.

There are some interesting nuggets throughout and the author does seem to level charges pretty much in all directions. But something seemed lacking to me in this book. They will only gain momentum in the coming decades. Still it gives a good overview of globalization and the long term trend forward, and it’s not too deep into any specific area of global convergence gives overview, or touch the surfaceit’s thus not a deep read and is easy to grasp the ideas.


I think Asians, and particularly my region’s people, the Middle Easterners, which their region is currently in full revolt or some restive places are about to revolt, to gain our independence from the developed World unfair domination we need to read more books like this readable book by Mahbubani.

And yippee, I ambushed the author after a forum and got my copy autographed! We cannot reasonably expect any nation-state to act in any interest other than their own self interest, this is true on every political level from municipal, to state, to federal good governance is required, so too should we seek stronger global governance to help address the issues of an increasingly interconnected world.

We need to address those points of view and concerns head on. I feel I did get a better understanding for the argument of greater global governance.

Overly Optimistic Good book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Primer on issues facing the global community going into the 21st century, mainly viewed from an asian perspective with the emphasis on how we manage the change from a world dominated by western perspectives to one including rest of the world – as the living, educational and financial capabilities of the rest rises to match or exceed the west’s there will either be a managed convergence of goals or disruptive chaos.

In recent times, the West and East have been slowly coming together causing growing pains. While he no longer explicitly supports these ideas, he continues to speak of Asia as if it were a single, cohesive unit. This rosy assessment counters the pervasive gloom-and-doomism that belies the record of human progress since World War II. Why exactly should things be different this time around?

A major thread running through this book is the value of pragmatic diplomacy – perhaps not too surprising A brilliant analysis of the current world order, and the challenges ahead as the balance of economic power shifts eastwards, and a more enlightened perspective on the value of the multilateral system with the ascendancy of the BRICS and other middle income countries.

And yet, given the scarcity of books on global order written outside of Europe and the United States, it is likely to gain a considerable readership around the world.

Yet, in many ways, these are the best of times for the West and the Rest. That seems interesting, I now assume Mr Cinvergence has some suggestions. Twice he informs us that the iPad2 has as much computing power as the Cray 2 supercomputer of A good primer on global issues. Asia, the West, and the Logic of One World.


But their discussion constitutes a small share of an unbalanced, repetitive volume that rehashes establishment views on globalization without breaking new ground.

China and India, Africa and the Islamic world must be integrated. We have to keep searching for new approaches and new solutions. Nov 03, Terry Quirke rated it it was ok.

Global poverty is disappearing. Still a good read for its refreshing? Geopolitics used to be about the West and Rest. We are creating a new global civilization.

Found myself in agreement with most of the ideas mentioned in it. He does no such thing at all. Some parts we’re very insightful while others felt completely groundless in any real fact, only anecdotal evidence or massive conclusions drawn about all of America based on one 3rd hand comment of an individual.

The Great Convergence: Asia, the West, and the Logic of One World

Books by Kishore Mahbubani. The view put forward and the reason I think I enjoyed the challenge of reading is very much “an Asian voice”. Published February 5th by PublicAffairs first published January 1st And it can be done.

Mar 12, Travis rated it really liked it.

Book review: “The Great Convergence”

Mahbubani has created a brilliant work that acts both as a warning and a meditation. Explore the latest social science book reviews by academics and experts. Once again though, Kishore goes into a news article-like approach near the end, detailing the impacts of relatively current decisions. Nov 01, Selina rated it it was amazing. Mahbubani, however, sounds biased by putting all the blame for the global disorder on the United States without mentioning the failures of developing countries to improve governance; end corruption and improve the state of human rights within their boundaries.

Book reviews, English, Global governance. Despite his uplifting point of departure, Mahbubani proceeds to bemoan the insular priorities of contemporary politicians, whose focus on short term national interest prevents policymaking in the global interest.