Sounds like you’re doing a three-way merge, so A should be the base revision that B and C are based on, B is theirs and C is yours (I believe; B and C might be . 2-min tutorial to do it the quick-and-dirty-way; Concepts for resolving Git conflicts refer to vimdiff if you still use the keyboard commands for GVim. kdiff3 · meld. git documentation: Setting up KDiff3 as merge tool. Not affiliated with Stack Overflow. Rip Tutorial: [email protected] · Roadmap · Tweet · Download eBook.

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With the arrows in the upper part, you may move among the different conflicts in this case, there is only one. The summary column will show “m” for every line that was manually modified.

It is GPL and runs on “all” platforms. Conclusion KDiff3 is the “best” merge tool; stable and feature rich.

When executing the update command the turorial appears and we are given several options. Saving is disabled until all conflicts are resolved!!! It shows the letter of the input from which a line was selected or nothing if all three sources where equal on a line.

KDiff3 – Mercurial

KDiff3 then restarts the merge. But still be careful to do so. By default File A has a color of blue, File B has a color of green, and file C has a color of purple. Because comment characters can differ in each file e. Furthermore, in the directory, three new files have appeared: The merge output editor window below the diff input windows also has an info line at the top showing “Output: This is because Subversion requires an explicit confirmation that a file no longer has conflicts using the resolved command as shown in the following example:.


Would you like to make a comment or contribute an update to this page? Note that KDiff3 will remove duplicate history entrys. This is just a placeholder for the group for when you might change your mind and select some source again. After this operation, the status of the file still appears with conflict. Because this is not so easy to get right immediately, you are able to test and improve the regular expressions and key-generation in a dedicated dialog by pressing the “Test your regular expressions”-button.

To choose the lines from several inputs click the respective buttons in the needed order. But the “Merge”-menu provides some actions for other common needs. With three input files the first file is treated as base, while the second and third input files contain modifications. KDiff3 just needs a method to detect, which lines belong to one history entry. This must be matched by the “History start regular expression”-option.

When for parallel development two or more developers check-in a branch of the file then the merge history will contain several entries that appear as conflicts kkdiff3 the merge of the branches.

If you Merge from branch to trunk, ‘A’ will be the previous trunk version. Text that is colored blue, green or purple or whatever tutoral set file colors to is the same in every file except the file whose color the text belongs to. During each check-in the VCS writes a unique line specifying version- date- and time-information followed by lines with user comments.


Many version control systems support special keywords in the file. First the year, followed by month, day, time, version info and name. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

The editor shows in three windows the three files and in ttutorial bottom part the resulting file. When at any line only either input B or input C have changed but not both then the changed source will automatically be selected.

For conflicts it shows a questionmark “? You could diff your file with the other developer’s, resolve conflicts, and then diff it with the original, but a three-way diff performs the same function in fewer steps. Stashed changes are not applied during the merge.

Click on right square of new file, and “B” appears in the square. If I did git rebasemy observation was that: Sign up using Facebook.

Setting up KDiff3 as merge tool

But if we want to sort by date and time, we need to construct a key with the elements rutorial a different order of appearance: The merge output editor window also has a summary column on the left. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

A refers to the version your merge target is based on.