The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System® Level-1 Workshop and meditations. The original, intensive, three-day workshop filmed in 11/ NYC. The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System® Level-1 Workshop & Course Manual with Introduction to The Kathara Bio-Healing System® Level 2. – The original. Ion willi Azurite Press MeEO Inc. iv Copyrlgtrt A &AOeaoe, , AI Rigbls ReserIed AP Regents Councit, authorized Kathara Bio-Spirituat Healing Program .

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Kathara Healing is deeply pleasurable and is based upon a profound knowledge of human multi-dimensional anatomy and our Angelic Origins. When used in proper sequence, Sequance-2 Kalhara Poinls close the energetic gete-ways to the Kethara Line. Holistic healing, and KATHARA Healing particularly, take the concept of intrinsic unity within the seemingly separate systems of the human being one step further than simple interrelationship between physical, mental and spiritual aspects of human experience.

Scalar Grids are created through Partiki Phasing. Senses are the scalar-wave apparatus, and their seemingly manifest parts, that allow the personal morphogenetic field to synthesize and translate frequency from the dimensional bands of the Unified Field into coherent perceptual and experiential qualities that give embodied consciousness a translation of its relationship to other forms of consciousness within the Unified Field.

Through activation of the Maharic Shield – the scalar standing-wave template that corresponds to the Pre-matter Liquid Light fields of Dimensions 10, nand Through perpelual cycles 01 Partiki Phasing, matter unils “flash on’, through fission, inlo Bi-polar Particles and Anti-particle manileslation buill upon Scalar Waves of Lighl Radiation, Ihen “flash off Ihrough fusion, inlo Omni-polar Anle-matter Sound Vibration, conlinually cycling energy between the manilesl and non-manllesl slale.

Manifestation – circulation of consciousness and frequency u accretion 7. As there is a Reciprocal Reflection of patterns between the Body, Mind and Spirit aspects of the human organism, due to their common causal element of the Kathara Grid Holographic Template, distortions within the DNA and physical body function also become reCiprocal distortions within the mental body and its perceptual facilities, and within the Spiritual Body, as the Kathara distortions block and distort the organiC cycles through which higher dimensional aspects of consciousness would progressively embody within and expand the human form.

The Signets and Shields can therefore be used to direct the function of the Kathara Grid Tree and ali built upon it, and the Kathara Centers can be used to trigger activation of the Signets and Shields within the Hova Bodies.

The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Level-1 – Voyagers Korea

One does not ‘get through the gates of Heaven’ or anywhere else desirable through using excuses for not employing healjng, not feigned, Spiritual Integrity. If we can realize that expanded portions of our consciousness simultaneously exist, within the higher dimensional frequency bands, we can also realize that it is possible to access such levels of our own identity by building Perceptual Bridges between our 3-dimensional perspective and the portions of our consciousness stationed with in the Higher Dimensional Hova Bodies.

Within the structures of forms, such as planets or people, the Kathara Grid is the Core Template of Holographic Katyara and controls the structure and function of all of the other subtle and physical energy systems.


Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. Dimensional Ascension is achieved through release of the Kathara Grid Seals. The Signets are the smaller, fixed, consolidated frequency points out of which the Seed Crystal Seals that fonn the Chakras manlIest. Death is NOT natural for humans. Ehaling Field Scalar Grids composed of inferwoven layers of scalar waves, which seNe to direct the flow of kathwra into multiple patterns of refraction through kathra the hologram of maiter densify, linear time and objectification of realily can be experienced.

Some assisted in spiritual development; others were intentionally used to limit and control the consciousness of populations. The MENTOR is not simply and Inert creation, but rather a living portion of our conscious identity composed of portions of the waking self and portions of the Higher Self. Molecular Transmutation – shape shifting 9. Existence is and will always be a co-creative endeavor. Many people have remarked that the Book of Fate is the most unique and accurate oracle they have ever consulted, and in many cases, have had profound healing effects.

Within heqling human body and Auric Field the consistent points of flash-line crossover can be charted in the form of fixed lines of energy that run through the body. Thus MCEO Course-book manuats are not intended to be used alone, but are rather intended for used as an additional educational aid in conjunction with their corresponding audio-video workshop program.

In recognizing the power of thought as the power of creation of scalar standing-wave grids, we can begin to apply that power effectively in regeneration healihg the Kathara Holographic Template, by directing needed electro-tonal Instructions for awakening the Maharic Shield into katuara embodied Kathara Grid. Claim of Authenticity In offering MCEO teachings kathaga public exploration, neither the transtatorslauthors, publishers, promoters or retated Individuals and organizations make any claims whatsoever as to the factuality of Ideas or perspectives contained wfthln the MeEO Paradigm.

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Planetary scalar templates – Planetary Shields – vortices, electro-magnetics, Axiom and Ley Lines are all governed by the operations of the Kathara Grid. If we live for the joy of living, without forcing our demands or expectations upon life, we will not feel that ‘life has short ehanged us’ llt matters not what your neighbor possesses, because in ccmparing ourselves 10 each other to see how we ‘measure up’ to each other we are, in effect, continually being distracted from seeing and utilizing the bleSSings that are our own.

O Rlshlc Shlald- Axiom linn. When the Kathara Grid is functioning properly, there are certain speclffc points of linear time when specific aspects of morphogenetic expansion via Frequency Accretion are Intended to occur. There are portions of our consciousness stationed within the Hova Bodies of the higher dimensional fields and these expanded levels of ourselves hold knowledge and participate In perceptual experience beyond the usual range of our waking perceptions.

Chakras and DNA strand imprints. As a reflection of commitment to responsibility in presentation, MCEO techniques and u technologies are not presented for exploration in the public domain until they are first andlor simultaneously explored, utilized or practiced by authorized MCEO translatorslauthors!


Tapping the Inner Menlor and Awakening the 6fl and 7″ Senses A Time Cycle is a fixed, repeating pattem of Partiki Ftash Line Sequences, or a repeating cyete of specific ratios of energy expansioo-oscillation and contraction-vibration.

Learning to activate the Maharic Shield to restore the Imprint for Health requires a bit of knowledge regarding Elements of the hidden anatomy of multidimensional being and application of specific energetiC mechanics that will directly affect these hidden structures of energy.

Though validation of factual actuality pertaining to affects, effecis or benefits of practicing MCEO Meditations for Spiritual Exploration techniques and technologies must, like the techniques and technologies themselves, for the present time remain within the realm of thecrelical exploration, it can be reporied that sincefindings pertaining to the practicality of utilizing MCEO techniques and technologies have consistenlly revealed that affects and effects of such practices are quite Individualized.

Human consciousness emerges through an order of dlmen. Because Bic-Regenesis technotogies are based upon what is viewed by modem earth science paradigms as a speculalive, rather than verifiable science, I present Bic- Regenesis techniques only as an option to explore in medilalion.

Diodic and Miodic Points are sets of White and Black Holes that circulate energy u throughout the anatomy. In Menlel Symbol Code Heaaling. Frequency is the form consciousness takes on while ensconced within the framework of dimensionalization. These changes in intrinsic wave characteristics have their reflection within the behavior of atomic structure – as the morphogenetic field wave spectra rises In frequency, the electron spIn around the atomic nucleus slows, thereby increasing the electrical nature and reducing the magnetic orientation of atomic function, transmutJng the perceivable matter substance of the cells to a less dense state of being.

Center Core Star 9″ SlIv.

Such decisions as to the factual or theoretical categorization of the Iathara Paradigm, and the responsibilities inherent to this deciSion, are deepty kathwra spiritual issues, and thus must be assigned to the facutties of personal discretion. In terms of generating the Imprint for Health within the human organism, as well as reclaimIng dormant potentials of Immortality, the Kathara Grid is the causal mechanism through which such effects can occur.

Kathara healing facilitation and courses. Though the presenlly theoretical categOrization of MCEO teachings within the public sector is recognized, it should also be recognized that members of the Azurite Press, Trustees and the AP Regents Council, as well as authorized MCEO translatorslaulhors and teachers and many individuals within the international katbara, have personally chosen to accept the validity of MeEO teachings as representing more than a theoretical perspective, instead acknowledging the MCEO Paradigm as a factual reality interpretation, and practical worldview, through which progressive expansion of personal consciousness Tho MCEO Fn!