They were inseparable – until the day they jumped. Ruth, saved by safety nets, leaves the city. Kari, saved by a sewer, crawls back into the fray of living. Kari features a lesbian woman as its central protagonist. It is a work of art by the exceptionally talented graphic novelist – Amruta Patil. But Kari. Amruta Patil, India’s first female writer-graphic novelist, is quick to counter the trite summary of her debut from Harper Collins, Kari, as a.

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Her yearning for her partner is a beautiful outburst of emotions. How aware were you of graphic novels in other countries, like Maus or Persepolis? And before you jump to conclusions, the book is not autobiographical.

Same old story with Graphics.

The Charon ferryman metaphor is woven throughout, but not enough to give the story the purported magical realist mood. Kari is honest, moody, intensely personal, and exceptionally confusing. Lastly, I would like to thank the novelist, Amruta Patil for this fantastic piece of work. What might work for storyboards cannot work for a graphic narrative, which,overall, lacks cohesion and fails to tell a good story I think that more than anything, I am drawn to the pattil of this amrutw and how the author does not shy away from pain.

Skip to main content. While Ruth gets saved by a safety net of her building, Kari is saved by a sewer. Bookshops are filled with swill – one needs tell stories that matter. They urge Kari to find a suitable man for herself.


Jan 21, Erik rated it liked it Shelves: Kari pahil Amruta Patil. Her relationship with a dying woman and willingness to be near death is extremely intriguing which Angel puts it as Kari’s regular fix of decay.

Mar 25, Poonam rated it liked it Shelves: Monday, December 31, Sep 20, Harshvardhan Beniwal rated it it was ok Shelves: Aug 16, Flopperstein Shajeela rated it really liked it. To me, this book falls in the same realm of other really annoying stuff being churned out in the name of “millenials” these days, read Girls by Lena Dunham.

The novel starts with the protagonist jumping off the building to join the love of her life in her darkest moment. Nov 16, Pamela J rated it liked it Shelves: I was keen to try a crossover literary form – it is more texty than most comics or graphic novels – and the story flows from voice-over style narrative text to visuals, and then back to voice-over.

Amruta Patil | PAUL GRAVETT

It has slowed me down, made me aware amrutw hubris, and hopefully helped me become a little more zmruta. As it is, they just gurgle foolishly and confer about the no-show of breakfast. I navigate through the narrowest veins, steering clear of obstacles to get to where the idols clog the sewer. To read more visit here: Not only does it kati the reader to read between the lines and recognize the more subtle markings of a fluid sexuality but further, it resists identification and categorizationwhich is quintessential to being queer.


Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Kari, saved by a sewer, crawls back into the fray of the living. And This is one of the most unique graphic novels that I have read in some time.

Kari by Amruta Patil

Somewhere in the book there are 1 or 2 lines of deeper meaning or profoundity, here is my favorite- “Whatever love laws have to be broken, the first oatil seconds suffice. I espouse nothing but Ruth. It is a space pregnant with possibilities and potentialities that it cannot quite articulate. Posted by Jabberwock at 6: People who are priviliged to lead perfectly good and normal lives are for some reason wallowing in self pity instead, and who somehow think it worthy of sharing and turning into mass entertainment.

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A fig is one hundred per cent debauched. Kari narrates by saying: I see her body on the road payil, and feel absolutely nothing.

The story of Kari seems similar to a lot of other breakup kinda novels