“You’re holding ‘Karamoja’ Bell’s Rigby. I visited Westley Richards recently to order a rifle, which you’ve always sung the praises of. Every time the question of what rifle springs up, someone’s bound to say it: Karamojo Bell killed a thousand elephants with an Did he. Karamojo Bell was a professional hunter. It was his passion, but also his business, and — being a Scot — he ran it soberly and carefully, with.

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In Longden went to The Karamkjo Enclave, right from the start he got excellent trophies his best was an enormous elephant with tusks of and pounds which he shot in If you liked this story, you may also like: A great Elephant hunter who excelled in bringing down these giant pachyderms with plains game calibers Whereas British sporting ammunition, apart from the.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. At the outbreak of World War Ihe was hunting in the French Congo and immediately headed back to England and began to learn to fly. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Delcambre, LA Member of: Bell had a go anyway, at the body instead of the brain, in case the bullet was deflected.

He once killed three Cape buffalo in rapid fire, each with one. He declared once that a soft point bullet had never sullied the bore of his rifle. Sutherland must have advised him to have a. Taken prisoner at one point by the Boers, he managed to escape. On my last shoot in Africa two years ago, when W and I went up the Bahr Aouck, the very first time he fired at an elephant he had a miss-fire and I had identically the same thing.

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“Karamojo” Bell on Rifles: In His Own Words

These three calibres remained the most satisfactory for him until the end of his hunting activities. Then, again, the ballistics of the cartridge, as loaded in Germany at any rate, are such as to make for the very greatest reliability. Belo is untrue, as any reader of his books will find. Bell and his wife Katie spent their later years sailing competitively.

“Karamojo” Bell on Rifles: In His Own Words – BookYourHunt Blog

Foremost an elephant title, Wanderings also includes tales of derring do with buffalo and lion. On my return I complained about this and was supplied with a new batch, said to be all right.

A constellation of famous African names converged around the ownership of this rifle. Hemingway was disappointed when he shot a lion and it simply died.

He continued to keep abreast of shooting developments and hunted red deer in the Scottish hills with a Rigby Mauser in. Oct 27, Messages: In total he shot Elephants. Velo DogJun 5, Yes, my password is: A road—narrow, rutted, dusty or muddy, but nonetheless a road—had been cut through the Karamoja.

It was a beautiful weapon, but heavy.


Without karxmojo, Bell ejected the dud and cranked in a fresh round. These tusks that I thus brought home were duly presented to my sisters, who promptly sold them and invested in diamonds. The bullet from the misfire had stayed behind and was blocking the barrel. Karamojo, YesRuark gifted it to Mark Selby. He was in a critical state and so carried across the Karamojl to the post of Wadelai where he died.

Bell constantly practiced by dry-firing his rifle. I once lost a magnificent bull elephant through a. At first light he followed the spoor and drops of blood.

Mar 27, Messages: For a while he liked to carry one of his five-shot. Email required Address never made public. After a winter of shooting moose and deer with karaomjo. In the Balkans he once shot down a German Albatross fighter with a single round. Gail Selby holding the same.

Upon killing his first elephant, Bell had sawed its massive skull in two in order to find exactly where, and how big, was its brain, and how to slide a bullet past the protective bone into it. That done the calibre of the bullet makes no difference. Horseback-tours in South Africa and Botswana. At one time I used karamjoo double.