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The design of the bottle of Coca new yellow cover has changed, so to maintain the size of the column, merge with Pepsi mod. View my complete profile. I wanted to thank Mr. As the air inside the bottle back to the room temperature increases the volume, remains the same with the original format, eliminating the risk that, when stored in cool place, self-kneading it.

José Alcino Alano – Google+

Vale warn alcin if the box or container is outdoors, you should have protection against the weather, or otherwise the insulation will be damaged. It is noteworthy that the thickness of insulation is not sufficient to maintain or store the hot water until late at night.

Where the water supply of the property is only with cold water, we suggest a mixer simple and efficient, built with PVC pipes and connections, indicated for the shower, but with some modifications, can integrate the other points of consumption in the home, such as kitchen, tank, toilet.

The diagram below details the mixer in an objective: Environmental Sustainability Dish washer vs. Without forgetting the box or container, if they are of materials with the temperature limits for accumulation. It is extremely easy the use of such insulation, filling boxes of 1 liter tetra pak without leaving empty spacesclosing them again, resulting in each box isothermal block.

Applied in the project a plastic box as a reservoir of liters, but that does not indicate that boxes of other materials are released, but be very careful and not use containers that contain chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, etc.

Make your party, think about the collective and that God will help us to be rational. Remember that each liter of water weighs 1 kilo 4. Another type of insulation simple and effective but more expensive, is to put a box of water within a compartment made of wood, bricks, or even inside another larger box, enough to take a break on the side of at least 6 cm, due to filling with any of the insulation above, not forgetting that it is mandatory to isolate the cover of the box.


For a perfect fit inside the bottles of Coke or the Lisas, cut the box with 23 cm, and the bottles of Pepsi new model with 20 cm in length Fig. The polystyrene does not stand for a long time exposed to the sun. Attach one end to the flange, and the other end to a buoy with a size sufficient to keep the fisherman above. This prevents the escape of heat from inside the column, and prevent the wind turn the cylinders, taking the position of Tetra Pak cartons, which is upwards, avoiding loss in income.

Paper or Plastic Bag? To correct the problem, we built another collector with the same dimensions of the former, on sunny days to meet the normal consumption of 4 people. Find in Search Engines on Solar Jks and find excellent pages on the subject.

Apply the thermal insulation, only after all the holes and connections necessary for the installation of assembly. These batteries have the majority of heating aid for rainy days or covert, with electricity joe gas, controlled by thermostats that trigger the feature where the water temperature is below the pre-set by the user.

José Alcino Alano

Process similar to conventional heating of the system with siphon end, differing only in the materials used in its manufacture. Lisas bottles, belts and bottles of Coke and Pepsi new model. Although simple, it contains details required in the process. Imagine the volume of Tetra Pak cartons, PET bottles and other disposable, we can take from the environment, with recycling in the application of direct solar heating, or other existing projects such as the manufacture of tiles, thermal blankets, drainage pipes, etc.

Blogger December 29, at To simplify the assembly of solar collector, we need to glue the three pieces of Fig.

Jose Alcino Alano

Common market, it facilitates the adjustment of the ideal temperature for bathing, without the need to vary the flow of water in the registry. The registration with the INPI National Institute of Industrial Property was required alino ensure the social purpose and that God willing, together we deliver a better quality alicno life for many people, with a little more comfort, because our purpose not draw dividends in the marketing of it, but perhaps even generate income and jobs for cooperatives of collectors, institutions, etc.

In other regions we have great vacuum, such as: Jose Alcino Alano, that so promptly sent me the translated guide for construction and installation of these solar panels.


To facilitate the cutting of bottles glasswe suggest a simple template, or cut 2 pieces of PVC pipe mm: It is appropriate to emphasize the intention of hundreds of people in the implementation of numerous projects throughout Brazil, and demonstrating with this gesture of citizenship and responsibility, the direct alxino of the rise in relief and distribution of electric energy that can happen at times peak of a region, and why not, the whole country?

The tubes of distance between columns should be 8. But the question is: If in doubt check with the health monitoring, secretary of health of his city, even with skilled people on the care needed and how to carry out decontamination of them. Do not use ink to glow, as will the performance of the collector, since the sun will be partly reflected.

You set these blocks in the box reservoir or use glue or tape, and finally the way you feel better, taking care to fill the spaces between the boxes, when set in xlano containers or rounded corners, with plastic bags, papers, etc. Since the shell is responsible to collect the hot joa, it is necessary a good thermal insulation, which is found in conventional batteries market, where use is high-efficiency vacuum.

As many of you asked about, here it goes! What Fortunately there is the personal contacts or the hundreds of emails received.

aquecedor de água – Ecolmeia

Option great a prototype in a laboratory school experiences. Posted by Alcion Gribel at This is a blog that I created inspired on my classes of Environmental Science and my love and passion for all topics related.

We have the creativity and good will of all, implementation and improvements in design and each of you to fit your needs, success. May this information enlight people’s lives and bring change! The ideal and recommended, it would be a reservoir for hot water only, with the size corresponding to the daily number of people, and near points of consumption to avoid waste, until it reaches the hot water tank. I hope this can be an inspiration to all friends of our planet Earth!

But for aocino summer we will increase the reservoir to liters, or disable part of the collectors to prevent overheating.