The Stone Gods has ratings and reviews. Ian said: When I bought my copy of The Stone Gods, the bookseller told me two things: it had received s. “The Stone Gods,” Jeanette Winterson’s new novel, makes an excellent choice for desert-planet reading — scary, beautiful, witty and wistful by. The Stone Gods is one of Jeanette Winterson’s most imaginative novels — an interplanetary love story; a traveller’s tale; a hymn to the beauty of the world. On the.

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Maybe I just didn’t get this book, but I definitely didn’t enjoy it. Hhe with This Book. In the second section of The Stone Godsyoung Billy is marooned on Easter Island and finds himself throwing in his lot with another European, Spikkers, in a microcosm where two indigenous tribes fight over their stone idols and a bizarre ceremony to determine leadership.

So this is science-fiction. She was adopted and brought up in Accrington, Lancashire, in the north of England. The sense of used furniture is strong.

Ten words from Winterson are worth a dozen academic culture studies. In the above quote, for example, glds “scanner darkly” is a reference to Dick’s work, and Dick was referencing a Bible passage, so in the group mind that is the world of literary criticism, Winterson has “tagged” them, graffiti style, and so now owns them both. She tossed in a few robots to raise questions about the nature of humanity. How does this work? Or perhaps jeaanette Winterson had tried to venture a little further away from her usual style of writing.

That search has been Billie Crusoe’s subconscious quest.

But the problem with that is that the genres have to mean something. It’s lovely and thought-provoking tne sad. Sadly, the contrast between these vices incarnate and our virtuous, suffering protagonist, Billie, doesn’t actually manage to imbue her with much sympathy. What happens after that is told in the rest of part one. Winterson has often seemed to want to make a universe of her own emotion, most obviously in her book-length take on Marvell’s To HisCoy Mistress, Written on the Body,and here she makes that case explicitly.


Eigentlich eher 3,5 Sterne. I made an automatic assumption that Billie was a man and he was straight because later he falls in love with a woman.

Sentimentality, the product of a gap between the emotionality of the writing and the emotion actually roused in the reader, is very much a matter of the reader’s sensibility; to me, both the love stories in the book wintesron distressingly sentimental. The King of Capri and Tanglewreck are children’s stories. The book’s principal idea is that human society is pre-disposed to eanette Winterson’s latest novel, the Stone Gods, is a dark mix ofDo Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and the Cloud Atlas.

In my defence, I have never seen a female Billie in fiction. Ursula Le Guinwhile criticizing exposition and sentimentality, thought the novel a worthwhile and cautionary tale.

The Best Metal of The book suffers a bit in the end by too directly criticizing the Bush Administration. Everything gets a MORE tag. One way and back.

I just can figure it out. The 70 Best Albums of I didn’t feel connected to the characters and neither did I feel like I ever really understood their motivations.

Despite a Tolkeinesque longing for the pastoral and hatred for the mechanistic that pervades the book, one of the most interesting characters is Spike, a robot that is very nearly human, but designed to be purely rational. Two characters who become a star-crossed couple are Billie Crusoe heavy name here: Inside all this complication, Winterson also deals with her adoption which was revealed to her when she was a young woman.

The 20 Best Folk Albums of Only humans are empty.

As she did in Gut Symmetries, Winterson spends a lot yods time pulling on the greater metaphor of quantum physics sttone she sees it mirrored in human life: Either we face our environmental challenges now, or many of us will perish, and much of what we cherish in civilization will be destroyed. Very sad, even if the author probably meant them to be uplifting in a way. May 20, Jenny rated it it was amazing Shelves: This story has some of what I’m wanting, but not quite enough, and in the end it’s only a side to her deeper themes, so I’m probably raising this in the wrong place anways.

The Stone Gods

Every now and then there’s a nice detail, or interesting minor idea, but the book is a dud. But I think, too, that we need to educate people in how to feel. It reminded me a little of The Fountaintoo, or something like that, with its attempt to almost reincarnate people “meant to be together” in different places godx times. Toward the end of the book her lyricism returns, coupled with some really stupid scenes stolen from the worst post-apocalyptic fiction you could possibly imagine.


Stranger than science fiction

Handsome and Pink head off in a canoe to find the pioneers already there. So smart, clever, funny and moving. Three-quarters of the way through this book, after a futuristic opening about the colonisation of a new planet, and an interlude from the fictional diaries of stons shipwrecked member of Captain Cook’s Easter Island crew, there are a few pages of what feels like authentic Jeanette Winterson autobiography, of the kind she made so wonderfully ieanette own in Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit.

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The Stone Gods by Jeanette Winterson – PopMatters

Political tensions have escalated between governments that bear a rough resemblance to those we are familiar with today; the planet is dying and space exploration seems the only hope. Her work is short. The main story is that humans have exploited the earth to such a degree that it’s not possible for them to live there anymore. It takes years for the door to swing open, and even when it does, the best minds are undecided as to the value of the contents.

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