Jankiel Wiernik was a Polish-Jewish Holocaust survivor who was an influential figure in the Treblinka extermination camp uprising of August Following his . File:Jankiel Wiernik Rok w Treblince jpg Polski: Pierwsza strona relacji Jankiela Wiernika “Rok w Treblince” wydanej w Jankiel (or Yankel)-Yaakov Wiernik (in Hebrew: יעקב ויירניק; born , Biala Jankiel Wiernik Rok w Treblince jpg × ; KB.

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The yard was littered with thousands of corpses, the bodies of the most recent victims.

New transports of victims arrived each day. At a signal from him, they began to torture us anew, blows failing thick and fast. I did find the book really interesting but the very abrupt ending was a tad annoying. Janiiel and solitude are my trusted friends and nothing but the chirping of birds furnishes accompaniment to my meditations and labors.

The Ukrainian guards came into our car and demanded our valuables. The same fate befell transports coming in from other countries. I asked one of my fellow workers what it meant.

Rok w Treblince = A year in Treblinka (Book, ) []

He later wrote in his book: The unfortunate victims, in the delusion that they would remain alive, tried to hide whatever they could. As for myself, all I hoped for was to be able to crawl into some quiet patch of woodland and get some quiet, restful sleep.

One of them almost reached her but he was too close to her to shoot, and she wrenched the rifle from his hands. She managed to fire another shot, which treblijce another Ukrainian, whose arm subsequently had to be amputated.


Jankiel Wiernik

They barked orders which were obeyed as usual. View all subjects More like this Similar Items. The soles of their feet froze and stuck widrnik the icy ground. Our bosses gave me and my colleague boxes for lime.

They were the favorites of the camp. They were killed off just like all the others, but we benefited from the supplies they had brought. All the deportees had been fully confident that they were going to survive. A shot fired into the air rook that the revolt was on.

Comes at the subject from a different perspective.

Year in Treblinka / Rok w Treblince by Jankiel Wiernik

In the street a “squad leader”” arranged the people in ranks, without any distinction as to age or sex, performing his task with glee, a satisfied smile on his face. Among us workers there were some who were very religious, who recited the daily prayers each day. They smashed ever thing they could lay their hands on and broke open the chests with gold that stood in the corridor leading to the chambers. She was a terblince woman, but there was terror in her eyes. Jahkiel rated it it was amazing Oct 25, A part of their plunder was always traded in for liquor.

The Operation Reinhard Death Camps.

The women and children were ordered to move to the left, and the men were told to line up at the right and squat on the ground.


Home About Help Search. A camp guard in hot pursuit shot Wiernik with a pistol but the bullet didn’t penetrate his skin. Finding libraries that hold this item The corpses had been lying around for quite some time and decomposition had already set in, making the air foul with the stench of decay.

We worked at the same assignment and lived under wiegnik same conditions. Within a few days work was begun to empty the remaining 25 per cent of the graves and the bodies were cremated. B etween the two camps there were buildings in which the Ukrainian guards had their quarters. Harrowing Incredibly hard to imagine what these people endured and witnessed.

Today, all ethics have become superfluous. A number of men from Camp No.

As the day was hot and sultry, we suffered greatly from thirst. When our tormentors had satisfied their thirst for blood, we were divided into groups. The speed with which death overcame the helpless victims depended on the quantity of combustion gas admitted into the chamber at one time. The Gypsies, who had come from Bessarabiawere gassed just like all the others and then cremated.