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Lame, it shot any chance for me to feel as if I identify with the character.

Still the book was lacking in the development in characters and was a l This book had a little of everything. I had a bit of a giggle over Kris being worried that someone from her school might someday see pictures of her sitting naked on someone’s lap and poossession allowing them to take incredibly lewd photos of her none-the-less.

Possession / Addiction Series

I don’t why exactly, but I had trouble shaking the feeling that he was in his sixties. Having a reputation for being a sedate, boring professor, nobody at her university job suspects anything when she signs up to work for a five-day excursion at an exclusive gentlemen’s resort catering to wealthy men seeking submissive sex slaves.

I’m afraid that I have no similar series listings for you as I don’t read much contemporary erotica. And I think most of us can see at least a little bit of ourselves in Kris, an extremely passionate yet lonely person hiding behind her geeky, unassuming exterior, so it was exciting to live vicariously through her special fantasy. This book had a little of everything.

If you go into this book thinking of it possesaion a love story you will not be disappointed or feeling misled by the cover. Stupid is too harsh of a word. However, the rest of the story and characters were interesting enough to offset this weakness, so I gave it 4 stars instead of 3. Fantasy Fantasy Books Erotic Fiction. Kris Torrence wants to experience sexual poxsession to a man once in her lifetime.


So that would lead me to believe it’s all about the sex. Like Krissy never asks her best friend who her baby daddy is? I just wanted it do be deeper more thought out story then it was. I made the connection all by myself since it was fairly obvious, but now I am left wanting some sort of resolution or promise of one. I felt that some of the scenes where hot but I didn’t feel for the characters.

Had it been me, I would have been a nervous wreck all the way through until, at some point, hopefully, someone made me realize how desirable the vision I presented was.

On the other hand, it’s not like I picked up the book for its deep introspective discourse on the rise and fall of human civilization. Number of sex scenes: Jack McKenna has been Dr. Just a warning, this book takes a lot of suspension of disbelief, but once you go with the flow, it carries you along. Lame, it shot any chance for me to When first I read it, I had not read much erotic romance and found it exciting.

When he sees her face for the first time, Jack and Kris will both get the shock of a lifetime. The story of stuffy, anthropologist Kris and dominant, builder Jake. This is one book where you have to shelve your disbelief while reading it. He also knows Krissy because of a work project so when possesssion sees her on the island he has to have her.

The Possession (Possession / Addiction, #1) by Jaid Black

Also writing as Jasmine LeVeaux Sherri Calder Conner Carucci. The women get paid to be there and they have a few days of actives before the men buy them. She certainly adjusts very quickly, but it was believable. Faced with aging into the stereotypical spinster with too many cats, the heroine decides to sign up as one of the girls provided at a ‘fantasy for guys only’ priv The heroine is a starched up, prissy college possessoon with cats.


And the terrible French accent of one of the other men. View all 3 comments. The editing could have been better, but the story was better than av Well, that was fun! This book was everything it promised to be. Poseession decides to go on a cruise where she will be a submissive to a man for 3 days. This is a page, I-sooo-want-to-be-a-submissive! Little does she know but Jack possessiom a close friend of the owner of the resort, John, and has been talked into coming to get his mind of the prim little red-headed witch of an anthropologist who thinks she’s too good for him.

When he sees Kris, stark naked and on parade at the resort, he’s determined to have poesession and he refuses to share.

The Possession

No spanking, no butt play, just the hero demanding a BJ. She has a posssession crush on a big contributor to her department but he would never go for a girl like her I can’t say I loved this book but as far as the sex went, it was fun and naughty.

Then, she gets to the island and has another little moment of doubt, but it is quickly ended when the idea of getting fondled by unknown men is presented. Lists with This Book. A couple of other things also annoyed me Want to Read saving…. So what didn’t I like? It’s not particularly long, only about one hundred and forty pages, but it’s a simple love story where our protagonists have to test their mettle and the strength of their desire by rounds of arm wrestling and oil slickened body wrestling.

Calling your penis “him”?! Just go with the flow and jaic Other than that it was a light, quick read.