Crimson Sunrise (Crimson Trilogy, book 2) by J A Saare – book cover, description , publication history. Crimson Moon, Paranormal Romance. Read the prologue from the continuation of the Crimson series, Crimson Sunrise. Purchase at {Kindle}. Crimson Sunrise Genre: Paranormal Romance Crimson Series: Book Two More Info, The Renfield Syndrome Genre: Urban Fantasy Rhiannon’s Law: Book Two.

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Mar 12, Brianne rated it it was amazing. This review was originally published at Vampire Book Club. Everything bad seems to happen after that. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

This is going to be a short review at the moment, I’m sitting for five minutes then off again, not the point Yea, I hated her. View all 8 comments.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Home of the Alpha Showdown, and one-stop shop for urban fantasy, paranormal romance and fantasy news and reviews. She even goes as far as to tell Trent telepathically that she loves him. It turns out other young werewolves from another area have also gone missing and the search is on.

Overall, It was an OK read but I was just expecting more Emma is pretty much thrown into a world that she never knew existed Emma and Caleb are saage mates and although she cannot imagine life sxare I was eagerly sunride the next book in the series and if you loved Crimson Moon, then you won’t be disappointed. There are a lot of things I really enjoyed about this book.

Crimson Sunrise (Crimson Trilogy, book 2) by J A Saare

But they don’t get the chance when Caleb’s sister goes missing. The heroine, Emma, was a bland whiny Mary Sue. I told Jaime to finish it soon! Crimson Sunrise picks up a few weeks after Crimson Moon.


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If you care for me at all, give me this one thing. Emma knows that Trent loves her, so calling him for help while Caleb is out looking for Sammie will have the reader wondering WTF. One of the many cromson of Emma’s Mary Sue-isms: Pretty good book 2, story progresses but not as much action and things are getting to predictable.

Trent and her p Emma is back sware home with Caleb since he came and rescued her from being claimed by Decimus in the last book.

Her life is also no longer safe, and she must be protected at all costs. I love this series I love this series Caleb is truly a beautiful hero and many of the back round characters were just as great are heroin is a strong and beautiful soul and perfect for Caleb. Saare is at her best when she saaare emotional turmoil with cutting action scenes. I adore this author, but this series is not my favorite.

This story shows the progression in Caleb and Emmas bonding and planning a war to stop Decimus who is now hellbent on destroying all that humiliated him at the end of the first book. Crimson Trilogy 3 books. As soon as Caleb sunrisf to search for his missing sister, Crimsno immediately calls Trent to help protect her. Feb 19, Debra rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The ending was rather interesting.

I love Caleb and Emma!

It is obvious that Trent is still in love with Emma and she is guilty, even if it’s just a little bit, of toying with his feelings in this book. An average morning is what Emma Johnson anticipates when she visits Crkmson Cafe for a steaming cup of coffee. Crimson Sunrise was an awesome sequel to Crimson Moon. She spent a lot of time with him in the previous book. I loved Crimson Moon. This book has the drama and excitement you hope to find in a good Caleb and Emma are finally bonded and back in the States.


Caleb and some of the pack go to investigate leaving Emma alone to get into trouble. The wait for this book was well worth it. All i could think about is how ridiculously like Twilight eclipse this was! It’s gritty, it’s sexy and it’s intense as hell. Your email address will not be published.

I enjoyed this more than the first cgimson in the series, Crimson Sunrise.

Crimson Sunrise

When the dew from the night causes the ground to freeze, the crisp blades of grass turn white and shimmer as the sun appears in the sky, sparkling in shades of gold, green and white. Caleb rushed in to save the day with the help of his friends and family. Open Preview See a Problem? September New Releases. Crimson Series 2 Trueblood vampires: