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Figure 47 shows the simplified model of the droop circuitry. The two slew rates are determined by the currents into the SOFT pin. This cap needs to be datzsheet high grade cap like X7R with low tolerance. In the above analysis, the current Solving for Cn we now have Equation Programmable 1, 2 or 3 Power Channels?

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The maximum Roc is 30k. The low-side FETs will remain on until the output voltage is pulled down below 0. Another simplification was done by reducing the NTC network comprised of Rntc, Rseries and Rparallel, given in Figure 46, to a single resistor given as Rn as shown in Figure This value will be covered in the next section.

Dimensions in for Reference Only.

VIN Battery supply voltage, used for feed forward. The ISLC modulator internally synthesizes analog signals inside the IC emulating the inductor ripple currents and use hysteretic comparators on those signals to determine switching pulse widths. Due to the fact that the voltage feedback to the switching regulator is sensed at the processor die, there exists the potential of an overvoltage dwtasheet to an open circuit feedback signal, should the regulator be operated without the processor installed.


This is due to the R 3 modulator commanding variable switching. This is shown in Figure A 47pF capacitor can be used for such ratasheet.

VSUM This pin is connected to the current summation junction. The output voltage of the PMON pin is given by: However, it is important to keep in mind that the output of each of these RS resistors are tied together to create the VSUM voltage node. The voltage on NTC pin is higher than threshold voltage of 1. Rn is then given by Equation 9. Rtrace is the trace resistance from the inductor to the microprocessor on the phase that needs to be tweaked.

At low temperature, SW1 is on and SW2 connects to the 1. As load is further reduced, channel switching frequency will drop, providing optimized efficiency at light loading.

Fault protection is summarized in Table 3. When these inputs are returned to their high operating levels, a soft-start will occur. The new value will be calculated by Equation Current datasheey can be achieved by using either inductor DCR or discrete precision resistor. And very importantly, the PCB traces sensing the inductor voltage should be go directly to the inductor pads.

However, no responsibility is assumed by Intersil or its subsidiaries for lsl6260 use; nor for any infringements of patents or other rights of third parties which may result from its use. ISEN1 Individual current sensing for channel 1. VSS Signal ground; Connect to local controller ground. It is a package.


As all the phases shares the same hysteretic window voltage, it also ensures excellent dynamic current balance between phases. Regular external resistor may need to be in series with NTC resistors to meet the threshold voltage values. Intel Mobile Voltage Positioning is a smart voltage regulation.


Power Monitor and Thermal Monitor? Figure 48 shows the equivalent circuit of a discrete current sense approach. There are provisions to correct the current imbalance due to layout or to purposely divert current to certain phase for better thermal management. Do not connect any other components to this pin. Ratasheet Specifications Operating Conditions: For example, if the PC board trace on one phase is 0.

For DCR sensing, the process of compensation for DCR resistance variation to achieve the desired load line droop has several steps and is somewhat iterative. A current source is connected internally to this pin.

ISEN3 Individual current sensing for channel 3. In the case the PC board trace resistance from the inductor to fatasheet microprocessor are not the same on all three phases, the current will not be balanced. If the droop voltage is less than 84mV, for example, 80mV.