Kansas Intoxalock User’s Manual. 1. Chapter 1: GETTING STARTED. Section – Introduction. Your vehicle is (or will be) equipped with an. Intoxalock Installation Manual. ATTENTION ALL SERVICE PERSONNEL. AND SHOP MANAGERS: Under NO circumstances is an ignition. INTOXALOCK TRAINING VIDEO IN ENGLISH. INTOXALOCK TRAINING VIDEO IN ENGLISH. 5 years ago More. Interlock Arizona. Follow. 0. Share.

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A contaminant reading is NOT a false positive. If you have any further questions or concerns, intixalock would love to hear from you! Yes 2 No 0.

If your battery health is good, contact our top-rated intoxaloc service team to further troubleshoot. Will an ignition interlock device damage my vehicle? Failure to intoxlock so may result in reporting to your monitoring authority. BrAC is your breath alcohol concentration.

This will vary based upon your state. For more information regarding failing a breath test that leads into a service lockout, please review “Section 2. All reviews Equipment Intoxalock Questions and Answers.

24 INTOXALOCK Questions and 22 Answers @ Pissed Consumer

Any tampering or attempted circumvention is recorded. Strict ignition interlock laws have saved countless numbers of lives across the country. Depending on your states regulations, intoxalocl Easy-to-understand and affordable pricing.

However, some states require you to simply blow one long breath into the device. In other states, the paperwork is for your records and does not need to be shared Please refer to your User Manual for your state’s specifications. Check with your monitoring authority, court, probation officer or Department of Transportation to verify that you are eligible to remove your ignition interlock device.


Where in the denver area can I find an auto manial shop that will work on a vehicle with an intoxilock on it. Any BrAC readings may be reported to your monitoring authority. If you received equipment shipped directly to your home, please make sure that you intkxalock the equipment immediately following removal, and then contact Intoxalock to fully close your account.

The interlock device will ask for a retest at randomly-spaced time intervals by producing a loud beep and showing a message on the LED screen of the handheld. There are many products that contain alcohol that can be read by the fuel cell.

Industry leader — Why choose Intoxalock? Call us today to learn more about your state laws and random retests.

Ignition interlock device questions

Then go to the “More Resources” section at the bottom of the page intpxalock clicking on “User Manual”. However, we do recommend that you keep a log of when anyone else drives or attempts to submit a breath sample in your vehicle. In many states, too many failed attempts to start intoxaloco vehicle will cause your device to go into a service lockout. I agree to TOS Cancel. You will schedule your removal appointment through Intoxalock’s Customer Service department. Intoxalock device calibrations are done right at your service center and take just a few minutes.

You will receive a Certificate of De-Installation confirming you have had the device removed by an authorized service center. Problems operating an ignition interlock device How many times can you fail an ignition interlock device?


The user must submit another breath sample each time a retest is requested. Find answers to frequently asked questions about ignition interlocks devices.

This time will allow any contaminant alcohol to dissipate. To see more information regarding how to give a breath sample, please visit us by clicking on the following https: Where can I go to have my ignition interlock device installed? Once the temporary lock out is over, you will be able to submit another sample.

For more information, please refer to “Section 2. Other things that may be reported are missed calibrations, non—usage or photo verification. In some states, your Intoxalock may enter into a temporary lock out, preventing you from submitting another sample for a few minutes.

Using an ignition interlock device How do I give a breath sample? Can other people operate my vehicle? How do I close my account? When am I eligible to remove my equipment? Each state, and many times, each monitoring authority has their own requirements for what is reported to them.

However, contaminant alcohol quickly dissipates. It’s important to keep all receipts from the date of service to prove there was work being done to the vehicle.

Please review the last page of your lease and User Manual for additional information.