The Travels of Ibn Battuta [H.A.R. GIBB] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. No other medieval traveler is known to have journeyed so. Ibn Battuta (/ˌɪbənbætˈtuːtɑː/; Arabic: محمد ابن بطوطة ; fully ʾAbū ʿAbd al- Lāh Muḥammad Gibb still admits that he found it difficult to believe that Ibn Battuta actually travelled as far east as Erzurum. ^ In the Rihla the date of Ibn Battuta’s. Ibn Battuta’s interest in places was subordinate to his interest in people and his historical and religious background to the Travels is also added by H. A. R. Gibb.

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Filipinos widely believe that Kaylukari was in present-day Pangasinan Province of the Philippines. Ibn Battuta praised the craftsmen and their silk and porcelain ; as well as fruits such as plums and watermelons and the advantages of paper money. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Beginning in they published a series of four volumes containing a critical edition of the Arabic text together with a translation into French.

Zendre marked it as to-read Jan 19, For his details he relied exclusively on his memory, cultivated by the system of a theological education. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The account is the only source for Ibn Battuta’s adventures. The Journey of Ibn Battuta — Archived from the original on 2 December Journal des Savants 15— He mentioned local artists and their mastery in making portraits of newly arrived foreigners; these were for security purposes.

The Travels of Ibn Battuta A.D.1325-1354: v. 1

After four days in the town, he journeyed on to Mecca, batruta completing his pilgrimage he took the honorific status of El-Hajji. Cambridge University Press, pp.


For batfuta uses, see Ibn Battuta disambiguation. In Baghdad, he found Abu Sa’idthe last Mongol ruler of the unified Ilkhanate, leaving the city and heading north with a large retinue. After his departure from al-Andalus he decided to travel through Battura.

This edition, translated afresh from the Arabic text, provides extensive notes which enable the journeys to be followed in detail. After spending about a month in Cairo, [14] he embarked on the first of many detours within the relative safety of Mamluk territory.

He met the ruler of Malacca and stayed as a guest for three days. His thesis, later published by the Royal Asiatic Society as a monograph, was written on the Arab conquests of Central Asia. Travels in Asia and Africa, For his service, he was awarded a ‘war privilege’ MA. Notable foreigners who visited China. He observed that the companions of the Shah Jalal were foreign and known for their strength and bravery. Ibn Battutw did not acknowledge his sources and presented some of the earlier descriptions as Ibn Battuta’s own observations.

He became embroiled in local politics and left when his strict judgments in the laissez-faire island kingdom began to chafe with its rulers. However, even if the Rihla is not fully based on what its author personally witnessed, it provides an important account of much of the 14th-century world. Some scholars have also battuat whether he really visited China.

The Travels of Ibn Battuta, A.D. Volume III by H.A.R. Gibb

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. He also mentions that many people would visit the Shah to seek guidance. In the autumn ofIbn Battuta left Fez and made his way to the town of Sijilmasa on the northern edge of the Sahara in present-day Morocco.


It is uncertain by which route Ibn Battuta entered the Indian subcontinent. Half-kidnapped into staying, he became chief judge and married into the royal family of Omar I. Ibn Battuta recorded that while in Bolghar he wanted to travel further north into the land of darkness.

Ibn Ibb noted that the palace of Khanbaliq was made of wood and that the ruler’s “head wife” Empress Gi held processions in her honour.

Marie Watt marked it as to-read Apr 15, Psychology Press- History – pages. Mackintosh-Smith, TimTravels with a Tangerine: Ibn Battuta said that Hangzhou was one of the largest cities he had ever seen, [97] and he noted its charm, describing that the city sat on gobb beautiful lake surrounded by gentle green hills. TangierMarinid Morocco.

Vibb, Nehemia; Hopkins, John F. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Contains an introduction by Mackintosh-Smith and then an abridged version around 40 percent of the original of the translation by H. Ibn Battuta left again for Baghdad, probably in July, but first took an excursion northwards along the river Tigris.