Library device identification: IBM TL IBM Ultrium 7 (LTO-7) drive support requires IBM Spectrum Protect version or subsequent maintenance release. Machine SEO/Part Description type Model number TS Tape Library Driveless 2UL UL TS Tape Library Driveless The IBM System Storage TS Tape Library Express Models L3S and F3S are designed to offer high capacity, performance and.

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Pass-thru modules require a compatible external switch. You may order additional right side magazines as an option. RTS can reduce problem resolution time, which decreases the cost to address technical problems and increasing uptime.

IBM TS and TS Tape Libraries for Lenovo Product Guide (withdrawn product) > Lenovo Press

The part numbers and feature codes to order the power cables are listed in the 3573-l table. SARS causes the drive to request a cleaner tape, mark the media as degraded, and indicate that the hardware degraded.

Highly integrated electronics using IBM engineered copper technology – Helping to provide a more reliable drive, it is designed to reduce the total number of components in the drive, lower chip temperatures, and reduce power requirements.

An Encryption Key Manager component be available to the Linux system. Ultrium 3 cartridge compatibility: In the event of 3573-hl path or component failure, the failover mechanism is designed to automatically retry the current operation using an alternate, preconfigured path 3573-t aborting the current job in progress.

This capability is ordered 3573-hl the following feature: Separate writing of multiple filemarks is designed to evoke any write command of two or more filemarks to cause a separate data set to be written containing all filemarks after the first.


Trademarks Lenovo and the Lenovo logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or both.

The TS Tape Library offers the following functions and features: Customers are responsible for selecting and ordering the correct cables and interposers to match the IBM LTO Ultrium interface and the server interface. This enables quick population of the tape library, as well as ease of storage for media.

Digital speed matching The Ibmm 4 Tape Drive is designed to perform dynamic speed matching at one of six speeds: This is designed to cause any write command of two or more filemarks to cause a separate data set to be written containing all filemarks after the first.

An interposer or interposers may be required for attachment to various server adapters. The Ultrium 6 tape drive power management function is designed to control the drive electronics to be either completely turned off or in a low-power mode when the circuit functions are not needed for drive operation. SARS is designed to cause the drive to 33573-tl a cleaner tape, to mark the media as degraded, and to indicate that the hardware has degraded.

Cables, ordered separately, are required to attach the tape library in the TS to host a SAS adapter. Using some of the most robust components available, steel ball bearings in loader, robust leader block design, and single circuit card, these Ultrium features help to enhance reliability and prolong the life of drives.


Family 3573+02 IBM System Storage TS3100 Tape Library Express

The TS Tape Library is an excellent solution if 357-3tl use tape or require a larger-capacity or higher-performance tape backup with or without random access.

3573-ttl feature has two advantages: A power cable is not included with the optional power supply for ordering information, see Table 8. There is a 1 GB internal data buffer in the Ultrium 6 full-high tape drive and a MB internal data buffer in the Ultrium 6 half-high tape drive. Multi-Path support The Multi-Path feature of the libraries supports sharing of the library robotics.

Separate writing of multiple filemarks evokes any write command of two or more filemarks to cause a separate data set ibn be written that contains all filemarks after the first. The Device Driver ftp site will be sunset June The following table lists tape media options and extra magazines that can be ordered for the TS and TS This model supports entry-level unattended backup and archive, open systems attachment flexibility, and enhanced capacity and performance, and includes: Feature code Installation: Lenovo warranty service upgrade offerings are country-specific.

Calls received after 4: Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

More removable tape magazines can be ordered with the TS or TS, if needed. With LTO Generation 6 media specification of up to 6.