HylaFAX-client — introduction to HylaFAX client applications and usage a cover page for each facsimile, using information deduced by the sendfax command. how to send a fax from cli with hylafax. Posted by akamaras on 02/03/ Leave a sendfax -n -D -d XXXXXXX test. where XXXXXXX is the number of the. HylaFAX is designed to be very robust and reliable. The fax server is designed to guard against unexpected failures in the software, in the.

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Wendfax enter to answer yes Enter the device name of the serial port your fax-modem is attached to make sure your modem is connected to serial port not the parallel port. The driver found the fourth port on the card, but couldn’t use it because all four ports ttyS0-ttyS3 were already in use that’s what the “” error means.

Likewise, if your using a network containing addresses in the range It should be something like dept1: Try fax an openoffice document 1st time i try fax with Fax Printer, it hang. This needs to be tested but: These files are created by hfaxd 8Cwhen submitting a job on behalf of sendfax 1 or sendpage 1.

Fax recipients must have addresses in this format: Assuming there were no errors, you will see a menu like the following: Alternatively, users may supply their own cover pages using their preferred tools. The following command displays the status of the facsimile server and any jobs queued for transmission: EXAMPLES This section gives several examples of command line usage; consult the manual pages for the individual commands for information on the options and program operation.

Files in the doneq directory specify completed transmission job requests. And to enable enough time for it to send we can issue this command which will use ttyS0 modem and will expire in 24 hours. Tools Archive Faxes If you have a need to archive each fax by date, there is a script that does just that. Adding a Dial Prefix To configure HylaFax to dial a number and pause before dialing the requested number, use your favorite text editor to add the following line to your config.


For example, if your using a network has addresses in the range You can enter as “wide” of a network address as you like, or multiple narrower address entries.

You can also remove multiple faxes at once, like the following: Use one of those to run the faxstat command in combination with grep, and you should be able to get the data you want. Just for reference, here is the list of all status codes.

Ubuntu Manpage: HylaFAX-client – introduction to HylaFAX client applications and usage

In some situations it may be more effective to communicate directly with a HylaFAX server using the client-server protocol. Discussion HylaFAX, an advanced open source fax server.

EEAA k 15 HylaFAX scheduler on localhost.

The following command generates a one-page facsimile that is just a cover page: The maximum number of the serial ports you can set the kernel boot to is 16,if you need more, kernel 2.

When the user sent a fax, how can I report the status of the job to the user? FaxDispatch FaxDispatch is a custom script that one can create for Hylafax to specify senvfax delivery options.

Hylafax’s faxaddmodem seemed to have configured it correctly. For a fax to email gateway, the defaults are acceptable, but if you want to share files directly out of the fax queue with a FTP or HTTP server, other permissions may be desirable.

hylafax-client man page

Next, accept the default yes answer to run faxmodem on your newly configured modem to verify settings. Consult your local resources to figure out what tools are available for viewing and printing received facsimile. It is also possible to receive notification by mail when a job has been completed successfully and each time that the job is requeued for retransmission. You should now be returned to the shell prompt. The extension it should use.


Records can be nested to create a hierarchy that that supports the inheritance of information—unspecified information is inherited from parent aggregate records. Depending on the server’s configuration, files in this directory may or may not be readable by normal users. HylaFax – Get status of a job Ask Question. Otherwise, answer yesand perform the above faxaddmodem related steps again.

You can do it by: The HylaFAX server software optimizes preparation of broadcast documents and the client applications support the notion of a job group which permits a group of jobs to be manipulated together. Such cover pages are actually created by the faxcover 1 program by using information that is deduced by sendfax and information that is supplied on the command line invocation of sendfax. For some reason busy signal gets labeled as no carrier detected.

All client programs support a -v option that can be used to observe the protocol message exchanges.

I am trying to write a front-end for sending faxes in PHP. Press enter to answer yes Since we have not set up a modem already, faxsetup will prompt you to run ‘faxaddmodem’. The faxstat program can be used to view the contents of the receive queue directory: