Invalid dialing command Unknown problem Carrier established, . Unspecified Image format error Image conversion error DTE to . Protocol failure: %s waiting for go-ahead message Message block not. Document transfer failed: Unknown format PDF. [[email protected] My client is running hylafax and my server is running hylafax That may be the. sendfax submits one or more facsimile transmission requests to a HylaFAX Support for other file formats can be easily added through an extensible file typing.

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Call aborted by user No loop current Cover-Template The absolute pathname of a cover sheet template file to use in auto-generating cover pages.

Invalid dialing command If this option is used, the sendfax process will not terminate until the job is completed. The syntax for timeofday rormat identical to the TimeOfDay syntax found in hylafax-config 5F. By default Hyla FAX reschedules jobs using retry times that depend on the manner in which the job failed; this interface permits a user to override this algorithm and specify a single fixed retry time for all communication failures. DesiredSpeed The desired signalling rate to the use when transmitting facsimile.

Modem protocol error unknown post-page response Equivalent to the -s option. AutoCoverPage Control whether or not a cover page is automatically generated for each job. By default sendfax will hylacax a cover page for each facsimile that is to be transmitted. Equivalent to the -P option. MaxTries The maximum number of times to retry sending a job.


For each job that is queued, sendfax prints a job identifier and a job group identifier on the standard output.

HylaFAX Status Codes

Cover-Regarding The regarding string to pass to the cover sheet program when auto-generating cover pages. ChopThreshold The amount of white space, in inches, that must be present at the bottom of a page before Hylafac FAX will attempt to truncate the page transmission.

Equivalent to the -I option. Failure to train remote modem at bps or minimum speed Beware that increased resolution will increase transmission time.

No data was supplied typically on the standard input. TSI The sender identification to use when transmitting facsimile.

formaf A try is a call in which carrier is established and the facsimile protocol is commenced; this is contrasted with a call attempt that might have failed because the line was busy.

Facsimile are normally imaged with a system-default page size usually letter-size pages, 8. By default, sendfax schedules facsimile for immediate delivery.

These messages describe problems encountered by the server process on the remote machine. No response to RNR repeated 3 times. Can not lock modem device Unable to setup polling password modem command failed Unable to transmit page NAK at all possible signalling rates Automatic cover page generation may be suppressed with the -n option.

Missing EOL after 5 seconds Image conversion error A job identifier is the token by which jobs are identified within Hyla FAX ; job group identifiers are used to reference a set of jobs that have been submitted at the same time.


SendTime The time to send jobs.

Invalid or corrupted job description file Unable to convert dial string to canonical format Equivalent to the -B option. Unable to setup polling identifer modem command failed If a poll request is made in conjunction with the transmission of documents, the poll request will take place after the documents are transmitted. This cover page is created by the ancillary faxcover 1 program using information deduced by sendfax and by information supplied on the command line.

Re: [hylafax-users] sendfax pdf problem

Permission denied unnacceptable client PWD Requests are normally processed immediately, although they may also be queued for transmission at a later time using a syntax identical to the at 1 command.

Unspecified Transmit Phase C error Job interrupted by user Procedure interrupt received, job terminated. Cover-From-Fax The from-fax number string to pass to the cover sheet program when auto-generating cover pages.

Invalid response to MPS No facsimile will be sent. In the case of bulk faxes numerically higher thanthen the job’s priority is lowered numerically raised for each failed attempt to transmit so that the whole of the bulk-queued jobs will be attempted before any are retried. Equivalent to the -h option.

Image error, page length wrong