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Torrington Report – Final Documents. Load ratings are based on a minimum raceway hardness of 58 HRC or equivalent. For suggested methods of removing bearings from blind and shouldered bores, consult the Torrington Engineering Sales Office personnel.

The basic types of clutches and clutch and bearing assemblies are listed below: Taper within the length of the raceway should not exceed 0. Drawn cup bearings of nominal metric dimensions, cqlowe one or two seals, may be made available upon request. Mounting dimensions are based on the inner ring rotating and the outer ring being stationary relative to caloee load. From the beginning of our activity we specialize in the sale of industrial chemicals.

Consideration should be given to operating conditions such as: Torrington application engineers are constantly working with and testing new applications, therefore, their experience can be of great help to the designer considering the use of a drawn cup roller clutch.

Inner rings for use with drawn cup bearings are provided in inch IR, IRA nominal dimensions, designed to meet established inch tolerances.

TORRINGTON – Lozyska Igielkowe Cienkoscienne i Sprzegla (Calowe i Metryczne)

An installation gwity similar to the one illustrated must be used in conjunction with a standard press. Two types of precision molded clutch cages are employed. The design provides maximum cage strength consistent with the long life requirements. Type RCB clutch and bearing assemblies have springs integrally molded with the cage to position the rollers for instantaneous lockup.

Thick grease will retard roller engagement and can cause individual rollers to slip, possibly overloading any engaged rollers. The sketches on these pages illustrate some of the many possible uses. Manufacturing Tolerances and Built-in ClearancesManufacturing tolerance for bearing 0. Caloww denotes Torrington Basic Dynamic Load Rating to be dalowe in load-life calculations taking into consideration the application guidelines and limitations given in this catalog.


Inch-metric conversions given are for the convenience of the user.

In case the o. For inspection purposes, see tolerance tables on page These seals are not intended to withstand a pressure differential exceeding 2 psi 14kPa.

Published on Apr View 83 Download 1. Angular displacement between the shaft and housing increases as an applied torque load is increased. If the housing has a shoulder, never seat the clutch against the shoulder. In addition, there can be other identifying letters which cover special modifications. Low strength housings non-steel, caowe metals and some plastics may be entirely satisfactory in lightly loaded applications.

In the overrun mode shown in the drawings below, the relative rotation between the housed clutch and the shaft causes the rollers to move away from their locking position against the locking ramps in the drawn cup.

The bearing designation prefix ca,owe HK indicate that, the bearing is of nominal hwinty dimensions. The controlling dimensions are in millimeters. Direct measurement of the outside diameter of a drawn cup assembly is an incorrect inspection procedure. Gauge sizes are listed in the tables of dimensions. To realize the advantages of the expected closer radial internal clearance of the extraprecision bearing, the user must have the capability of producing housing bore and shaft raceway diameters to the close tolerances indicated by the tabular data falowe the facing page.

The inward turned lips of the cup are used to mechanically retain the full complement of needle rollers to provide positive radial retention of the rollers even though it may be necessary to remove the shaft repeatedly during the servicing of the mechanism employing the bearing. Since grease may impair engagement at high cyclic rates, caloee light oil should be used. Torque ratings are given in pound force inches: Sealed drawn cup bearings are intended to retain grease or nonpressurized oil within a bearing while also preventing contaminants entering the raceway area.


If the operating temperature must be outside of the above caloww or if the seals are exposed to unusual fluids please consult the Torrington Engineering Department. Bearingslbf 1 1 1 2 1 2 1 1 2 2 3 3 2 lbf 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 rpm 13 11 11 11 11 10 10 10 8 8 8 8 11 11 ginty 7 7 7 7 7 9 BEARING MOUNTINGInch Mounting X End Thickness S Shaft Raceway Diameter inchesmax.

Gwinty calowe standard ISO – DIN | Tabele Ślusarskie in | Pinterest

Please consult Torrington Engineering Sales Office when special modifications are required. Consequently, the tabular data on pages to can be used in bearing size selection. The nominal bore diameter for the bearing, as shown in gwimty table of dimensions on pageis 38 inch. If it is necessary to use a shouldered housing, the depth of the housing bore must be sufficient to ensure the housing shoulder fillet, as well as the shoulder face, clears the bearing.

Steels which are modified for free machining, such as those high in sulfur content and particularly those containing lead, are seldom satisfactory for raceways. Procedures are virtually identical with those for installing drawn cup bearings as detailed on page The interior ramps which control the lockup and free run of the clutch are formed during the operation of drawing the cup. The go gauge size is the minimum diameter inside the needle rollers. It may be through hardened, or it may be case hardened, with an effective case depth of 0.

If an interference fit is used for the inner ring, the outer ring should be mounted with a clearance fit. For general information regarding lubrication of drawn cup bearings refer to page E It is advisable to utilize a positive stop on the press tool to locate the bearing properly in the housing.

Therefore the correct ring and plug gauge dimensions are: Inspection dimensions for the extraprecision bearings are given in the table at the right. Example 1 Find the ring gauge and plug gauge dimensions for a BH bearing.