Related. Sripad Sadhu Maharaja explaining “Sri Guru Carana Padma”In “Audio”. New booklet – “Reflections on bhakti-tattva”In “bhakti-tattva” I am a disciple of Sri Srimat Radhakunda Mahanta Pandit Ananta das Babaji. Sri Guru Tattva Vijnana & Sri Bhakta Tattva Vijnana by Pandit Sri Ananta Das Babaji Maharaj. Srila Ananta das Babaji Maharaj We shall briefly discuss śrī-guru-tattva. If one understands the gravity of śrī-guru-tattva, there will be no doubt concerning the.

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Having heard of the fame of Sri Kunja Bihari Das Babaji Maharaja, a renowned bhajananandi saint at Radha Kunda who was influential in the area of Jharikhanda during his householder life, Sri Ananta Dasji decided in to leave for a pilgrimage to meet the saint. In Sri Caitanya Caritamrita it is described — siksha guru to jani krishnera svarupa; antaryami bhakta sreshtha ei tattv rupa. Because there are so many dsa, Gurudev may reveal some points or he can reveal all these details.

Merciful Sri Hari will certainly provide good luck and opportunities to such people, who are so eager to do bhajana.

Sri Bhakti-Tattva-Vijnana (Srila Ananta das Babaji) | Amrita-Tarangini

The characteristics of such a bona fide Guru have ajanta described in Srimad Bhagavata Sriman Mahaprabhu Himself said — diksha kale bhakta kore atma samarpana; sei kale krishna tate kore atma sama sei deha korena tara cid anandamoy; aprakrita dehe tara carana bhajoy C.

Any helpful advice and guidance would be greatly appreciated. And yet again, the topmost devotee who externally teaches the disciple tattvs in a tangible form, is also Sri Krishna as such.

The answer to this is that the hare krishna mantra is called the maha mantra because it is more powerful than any other mantra in bestowing prema.

Maybe Sri Gurudeva will give some things, and then, later, all other details will come by our meditation, by our performance, by our activities. You are dax using your Facebook account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. I stay in Delhi. Here it is noteworthy that a maha dass, who is endowed with extraordinary powers, can examine the qualifications of a disciple on mere sight, or can make an unqualified candidate at once qualified and can thus give initiation to a candidate at once.


Sri Bhakti-Tattva-Vijnana (Srila Ananta das Babaji)

This tagtva consists of the treasure of worshipping Sri Krishna, and the fruit of this bhajana is the treasure of prema which is bestowed upon the surrendered disciple. Of the three playgrounds of Sri Krishna — Vrindavana, Mathura and Dvaraka, the greatest attribute of Godhead — sweetness — is manifest in Sri Vrindavana, where Sri Krishna plays like a cowherd boy. No need to give up. However, if the diksha-guru passes away before the disciple was able to receive instructions on bhajana from him, then one should accept a similar great saint, who is expert in bhajana, as a siksha guru in the matters of bhajana, and serve and attend him like he is Sri Guru himself.

Email required Address never made public. They consider this temporary worldly life to be like an ocean that is very difficult to cross.

Just go to his ashram building at Radhakund. One should know that before accepting diksha the fruit of hari nama sankirtana will be the taking of the shelter of the bona fide Guru and his instructions on diksha, and after taking diksha the fruit of nama sankirtana will be prema. By worshipping the Guru as an item of His worship of the Supreme Lord the sadhaka attains the fruits of love of God. By instructing the conditioned souls in the practice of bhajana, they gruu their miserable condition and they are eager to bless them by giving them the relish of bhakti rasa.

Guru-tattva-vijnana (excerpt by Radhakunda Mahanta Sri Sri Ananta das Babaji)

What does the word guru mean? Still, if there is no fourth case ending sampradana, dative case and the rishyadi shadanga six standard sequences that form a certain pattern of composition are not there it is not a diksha mantra. You are doing sadhana-bhakti in anugatya of Sripad Sadhu Maharaja and my Gurudeva.

Anajta, let us consider the revelation by Sri Gurudeva. Violence is conquered by giving up endeavours for sense-gratification, suffering caused by other living entities can be mitigated by developing the quality of compassion, suffering caused by the elements can be mitigated by entering into samadhi and suffering caused by the own body and mind can be mitigated by practising the eight-fold path of mystic yoga ashtanga-yoga.

Some people also consider the word, syllable hare krishna maha mantra as a diksha mantra, but this hari nama maha mantra has not been counted amongst the diksha mantras in any of the initiation manuals because if it is chanted out loud, how can it be counted amongst the diksha mantras?


This human form is unparalleled because it is the foundation for all gain and is well-suited for its purpose. On the order of his guru, Sri Ananta Dasji returned to his family, teaching the local people and initiating some two hundred disciples over the ten following years. If it is necesary to take a learned and experienced teacher to learn something in this mundane world, then it is needless to say that one needs a Guru to learn bhakti, which is the highest science in the spiritual world, from.

If the disciple does not think like that, he might consider the Guru to be an ordinary mortal being, and that will result into a great offence which will make all his sadhana bhajana fruitless, like the bath of an elephant. Therefore, wherever the chief items of bhajana are hearing and chanting the glories of the Lord, the worship and praise of Sri Guru is incorporated as a secondary item.

In Sri Vamana Kalpa it is seen —. When a person wishes to be blessed with the fruits of sadhana bhajana and he desires to take shelter of the lotus feet of Sri Guru, it is absolutely necessary that he takes shelter of the feet of a bona fide Guru. Always nice to start my day here, after morning sadhana…I guess the reading would count as sadhana as well. Special service means also daa ordinary service. Radhe I have no telephone number, nor do I have any email.

The siddha deha is an expansion of the Supreme Lord. This is factually not the opinion of the Gosvamis. Dad not find faults in him, taking him to be an ordinary human being, for Sri Guru is the aggregate of all the gods. Look for good people who love you and who are not two-faced.

Sri Narada told King Yudhishthira: Goutam Das Modak Like Like.