Growing in the Prophetic by Mike Bickle Published by Charisma House A Strang Company Rinehart Road Lake Mary, FL This. Mike Bickle is the director of the International House of Prayer, Jesus, God’s Answer to the Growing Crisis, Growing in the Prophetic, and Prayers to Strengthen. Title: When the Moon Split: A biography of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) Author: Safiur When the Moon Spli.

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Prophetic gifting Believers who regularly receive impressions, dreams, visions, or other types of revelation have prophetic gifting. We were all meant to hear, see, and operate in the Spirit. Stay with me as I tell you more. In Growing in Prayer he combines his biblical study with his extensive experience on the topic to give you the tools you need to develop a stronger bidkle life through a passionate commitment to your relationship with God.

Growing in the Prophetic – Mike Bickle

Who is supposed to hear it? Powerful prophetic revelations stabilize us for future difficulties. A new wineskin is emerging that is calling forth friends who live as a prophetic community, where all can prophesy. The End Times will be accompanied by a multiplication of all four elements of the Joel 2 prophecy: Receiving Divine Information We use the term revelation to refer to the prophetic information that one receives from God.

Seven hundred people gathered together on the first evening of the fast. Only a leader who has been led into divine encounters with the Lord can undertake such a transitional process.

One of the members of the prophetic team received a word from the Lord for a man in our congrega- tion. Revelation often comes in bits and pieces, and we also need understanding from the Lord to “make sense” of the revelation.

We have to be careful about locking into precisely our interpretation of prophetic revelation before the events happen lest we miss what God is saying to us. Growing in the Prophetic Ambushed by God A few months later, I encountered the first prophstic prophetic word that was aimed at me; of course, I didn’t believe it.


My goal was to get char- ismatics to denounce their experiences as being unscriptural counterfeits. Prophetic people serve within the church as one of prophettic “joints that supply” the other parts bikcle the church, enabling it to be the prophetic voice in the earth Eph.

Honest book that draws denominations together instead of focusing on those things with tear the church apart.

Growing in the Prophetic ; Updated In this updated version, Mike adds new stories and principles gleaned from his many years of experience with the prophetic ministry. The fruit Jesus refers to includes the impact of their ministry as well as the fruit of the Holy Spirit’s sanctifying work operating in their character. I was shocked that I had so quickly agreed to teach in a charismatic church. In other words, it will still work!

Growing in the Prophetic – Mike Bickle Download ( Pages | Free )

We now knew that the spiritual drought over America was sure to break and revival would come on God’s appointed day. Bob knew that, in this, God was calling us to gather to pray for revival according to Joel 2: Of course, many other things besides prophecy contributed to the addition of every leader.

I was so excited to be married to Diane, that I simply responded, “Great, I’ll work anywhere! Feb 02, Jonathan G rated it it was amazing Shelves: All the prophetic people I know wholeheartedly agree with this statement. For example, see the miracles of the Exodus before the wilderness testing, Joseph’s growinf before being sold into slavery, David’s supernatural military victories along with Samuel’s prophetic words before the wilderness temptations in which David was growijg by jealous King Saul, and so on.

Grudem answers this as he explains that the Old Testament prophets were commissioned to speak “God’s very words,” which carried an abso- lute, divine authority.


The weakness of the writing is Bickle’s bible interpretation skills, he has a tendency to use verses out of context especially in the O. I expected Art to reject Bob as I had done. I was totally unsuspecting of what would happen in the following months as I was getting accustomed to my new role as pastor.

However, byI found myself surrounded by a group of unusual people whom some referred to as prophets. Wait for the Lord to confirm it to you in a clear way. This book offers proven guidelines for the operation of prophecy in the lives of individuals and in the context of a local church family.

And sometimes, God uses whom you would least expect to deliver a prophetic word. They assumed I was in agreement with their charismatic theology because of the report that I spoke on the baptism of prophdtic Holy Spirit. It seemed to me that God had picked the wrong man to pastor a team of tge people. It was sheer good luck we happened to be looking where the comet was passing. People who are disillusioned and offended with God lose their spiritual vigor. I didn’t like charismatic people any more than I liked charismatic theology.

You can be confident that your prayers are valuable to God and will make a difference in your world. I will be with your mouth and teach bickl what you shall say. Paul emphasized this when he declared that he wished that all would prophesy 1 Cor.

It’s our nature to want others to know that God has a special plan for us.

I had not needed his help until this day. It seemed odd to me that Bob was wearing a winter coat that day. So, I set out to warn other “innocent” believers to beware of “counterfeit” experiences such as bic,le in tongues.