Greasecar kit install Alternative Diesel Fuels (Biodiesel, WVO, SVO, BTL, GTL etc ). Find Greasecar Vegetable Fuel Systems: Installation DVD A4 Volkswagen Jetta TDI, at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on. Does anyone have the instructions to install one of these? I have most of the parts I think, minus the T used on the coolant. I Think I understand.

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We always recommend a complete kit to ensure a successful conversion. Vegetable oil is a compostable material and will go rancid if exposed to the elements or subject to bacterial contamination.

Password Please enter a password for your user account. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Please note the Fuel Disclaimer. The Installatlon system is a two tank fuel system. After start up radiator fluid will transfer insstallation from the engine to the heat exchangers in the Greasecar fuel system.

Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. I couldn’t piece anything together to fit installqtion. Send a private message to kwong7. Generally we have found that the addition of a conversion system will, at the most, void coverage of fuel system components only. I have seen good and bad on doing it. A Greasecar system is for use with straight, unprocessed, new or used vegetable oil. I am a bit of a prepper and was looking at it from alternative fuel source prospective.


If you can’t find any I instqllation able to except mcmaster.

VW Golf TDI “Greasecar” for sale – Topic

Title goes here close video goes here. Find More Posts by rez Quote message in reply?

These heat exchangers will heat the vegetable oil in the fuel filter, lines and fuel tank. Originally Posted by Forcedinduction View Post.

Heater hoses are 1 size bigger than the T fittings. What if you can’t find vegetable oil? There is no sulfur content in vegetable oil which eliminates the first major carcinogen associated with diesel fuel. How does the Greasecar system work?

It is also wise to avoid unsecure outdoor containers, as they installlation more likely to contain water and bacteria contamination. As a basic rule of thumb, higher quality restaurants will use higher quality oil; most fast food restaurants use hydrogenated oil. Purging generally takes around 30 seconds and instaloation be done while driving with the push of the button on you Greasecar controls.

Tankless kits are only available by special order. My kit was fine with a couple problems. I hate to hearthat they sent you the wrong size T fitting. While water will settle out of oil, a source containing water will require more attention and create contamination risks. I have a 98 Jetta, and your going to need a veggie therm to be installed to get the temp high enough.

Is it a good kit kit to install and is it worth it? Examination of engines running with the Greasecar system have shown dramatic reductions of carbon deposits over petro diesel in the engines studied. Filter replacement intervals depend on how clean oil is before it is poured into the fuel tank.


They really need to revise the kit. May vary depending on vehicle. The only problem I had was dirty injectors that I had to clean, because I wasn’t allow the heat to get up to temp. By the way, son’t expect the greasecar kit to provide enough heat to run vegoil.

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Biodiesel is a chemically engineered fuel, including vegetable oil, petroleum diesel, catalyst chemicals and some form of ester alcohols. Is there added engine wear using a Greasecar fuel system? Find More Posts by Jarhead Is Greasecar worth it??

The electrical connectors are crap sizes. There must be a cheaper way to build them. Options Quote message in reply? Once I get their commitment, I will inform my local community college Goldenwest Collegethat has an extensive department in both automotive and diesel technology. The Greasecar system is engineered to perform in any climate, requiring only slightly longer warm-up times in extreme installaton.

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