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It was held under the auspices of King Sabdeshaya VI, last of the Sinhalese kings to exercise sovereignty over the whole island.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This book is an edition with descriptive notes for each poem that is useful for deeper understanding of poetic undertone.

Because of this mysterious nature of the cadaver it was not cremated as usual. Thotagamuwe Sri Rahula Thero was a pillar in Sri Lankan literature, who authored a number of highly reputed Sinhala literary works. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved 4 November Add to Cart Add to Cart.

Later he succeeded his grandfather Uthurumua Rahula igra and Galthurumula thera as the chief prelate of Vijayaba Pirivena in Thotagamuwa, Hikkaduwa. Time marches on, fira we are on the threshold of a new era. The message was to be sent to Thotagamuwa from from Kotte, more than 96km, to Ven Sri Rahula Thero, to ask him to pray to Natha, a Buddhist deity, for the protection of the faith. Retrieved from ” https: Remove This Item Compare. It is said that there were demons or spirits who were protecting the cadaver, but with the help of treacherous locals, the Portuguese managed to shove them away.

University of the Visual and Performing Arts – Library catalog › Details for: Gira sandeshaya

This poem contains much information on King Parakramabahu and the pirivena monastic collegewhich the Ven Thotagamuwe Sri Rahula Thero headed. Throughout the tour of the messenger, from Sri Jayawardhanapura to Thotagamuwa, the poet aesthetically extols many places where the massager was requested to travel via. These ticklers of taste buds work their magic in secret. Go live, O Selalihini, a hundred years with friends and kinsfolk, Just as you may please with blessings attained.


Tread softly on a rich history

Retrieved 12 February What their powerful machinery might break up underneath? All rights reserved Follow us On. Have they been pre-cautioned of what they might throw away as rubble? What apabbransa are you jabbering?

Written by Kaveeshwara – grandson of Gurulugomi, an authority on Sinhala literature – its aim was to protect the king and his people, and was sent from Gampola to Upulvan, sandeshaja guardian deity linked to an ancient temple at Devinuwara, near Matara.

Villagers who feared a possible abduction of this mysterious body by the Portuguese, took it to the Indurigiri cave at Ambana near Elpitiya giga Galle giraa which was surrounded by a dense forest cover for safety. As the sun at dawn unfolds the lotus-flower With abounding love all my intent unfold. Thotagamuwe Sri Rahula Thera. The rock pigeon of ”The Pigeon’s Message” Illustration: At the dawn of the 15th Century, in the Kingdom of Kotte ruled by King Parakramabahu VIthe last monarch to unite the Island, there was a great aesthetic renaissance.

Retrieved 26 September Finally there is the Neelakobeyiya Sandeshaya, “The Dove’s Message” – the emerald dove species – composed by an astrologer with a certain occult reputation, Barana of Matara, to God Kataragama to invoke blessings in the cure of a sandewhaya disease.

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Sandeshaya Kavya: Poetry on the Wing

The great literary works of Sri Lanka saw the light of day during this time. A historical message poem written by an unknown author during the Kingdom of Giira, Sri Lanka in 15th Century. It may look like a harmless twisty road on the map, gora, be it by foot or vehicle, the route from Kalupahana to Ohiya is a journey every adventurer should take. Vijayaba Pirivena in Thotagamuwa, Hikkaduwa in Galle District served as the most renowned and popular education center of the Kotte era.


There are two legendary stories regarding the latter life of Thotagamuwe Sri Rahula thera. A friend told me In Australia, where they are laying some telecom pipelines only a few feet deep in Adelaide, there is an aboriginal person looking at everything they dig up in the process to see if they snadeshaya treading on their sacred grounds. The jungle cock brings magnificence to “The Cock’s Message”.

Accordingly, his mother was princess Seelawathi sandehsaya his father was prince Wickramabahu. It saw the golden era of Sinhala literature; the shining light of it being Thotagamuwe Sri Rahula.

Thotagamuwe Sri Rahula Thera – [4] was a Buddhist monk and an eminent scholar, [5] who lived in the 15th century in Sri Lanka. The golden oriole saneeshaya “The Golden Oriole’s Message”. Discover the ancient glory of Godawaya and splendour of the lush landscapes flanking the Walawe Ganga. Add to Wish List Add to Compare.