How to Make Lactobacillus Serum This stuff is expensive but you can just make your own. Rice Wash Get a by iamstan. Get in touch with Gil Carandang and 14 million other members when you join Couchsurfing! Couchsurfing is the best place to find local accomodation, meetup . Lacto Bacilli (Gil A. Carandang’s article). Lacto Bacilli. One of the major workhorse beneficial indigenous microorganism used in natural farming is lacto bacilli.

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Microbes break it down to inorganic constituents, and plants take those up. Aids digestion in animals. You can use wheat, barley, kinoa, other carbohydrates as the base to make your carbohydrate wash.

Lacto Bacilli (Gil A. Carandang’s article) | Paper Bokashi

It can lead to overflows if you fill your container up. We started this website because there is a lot of interest in natural farming coming from both small hobbyists and larger industrial scale farmers and gardeners.

But at the end of the day, it goes far beyond that. This site uses cookies.


Grow Your Own Beneficial Indigenous Microorganisms and Bionutrients In Natural Farming

Apply to places where there is odor build up. Microbes digest fish wastes, cleaning up water and improving water quality. Amazing results in pigs. Rice Wash Get a container, fill halfway with rice-wash.

If you are in a very dry climate you can spray a little more and mix in evenly. Plants — Growth Aid: Ali marked it as to-read Dec 23, The numerous patches in Holy Carabao Farms in Santa Rosa yield healthy carrots, beets, lettuce, tomatoes, and more.

Similar to Carandang, the two women are also trying to bring organic food to the everyday Filipino. Rather than teaching him the formula, he examined how the farmer made use of his land. Its application to the country was not straightforward, with the model encountering a lot of initial resistance to the foreign concept. Lacto Bacilli Gil A. You can either skim the curds off the top, pour through a strainer, or whatever other methods to accomplish that.

Glad you shared it, it will make our steemit community stronger. However, Weber-Tantoco points out that it is more akin to how our ancestors farmed and approached the land. Marian marked it as to-read Sep 25, I use a sealed container with a one-way valve. Sergeo Cruz added it Jan 11, Allows fish to grow larger due to digestive efficiency Allows higher population of fish in the same amount of water!


He also sees it as an important step towards poverty alleviation and economic development. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment carandanng Com marked it as to-read Jan caramdang, Don added it May 10, The best is unpasteurized natural but just use what is available.

Gil Carandang

By saturating with milk lactosewe dissuade other microbes from proliferating, leaving L. Spraying diluted solution of lactic acid bacteria serum to the plant and soil helps plant growth and makes them more healthy. Depending on size of your system, pour a few tbsp.

Kill these nasty smells! Save on feeds, better feed to growth conversion ratio!

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