The Accursed Share’. An Essay on General Economy. Georges Bataille. Volume I . Consumption. ZONE BOOKS· NEW. YORK. ~. Georges Bataille () was a French writer, essayist, and philosopher whose works include The Story of the Eye, The Blue of Noon, The Accursed Share. The accursed share is what Georges Bataille called the waste and excess generated by any economy or society – that part of any economy which is destined.

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This good expenditure I call the gift of presence. Please try again later. The merchants for example, did not treat their goods as commodities but gifts to be given to the lords and kings.

In spite of every incompatibility, she was still, she would always be to me, the most attractive girl I had ever know.

The body of the sacrificed was his by right; he would carry it home, setting aside the head, and the rest would be eaten at a banquet, cooked without salt or adcursed — but eaten by the invited guests, not by the sacrificer, who regarded his victim as a son, as a second self. Titmuss, The Gift Relationship: There is an interesting treatment of De Sade in eroticism.

Textbooks or popularized science books which the author receives payment for is held in lower esteem, and the authors are even despised.

Instead of these far from intimate remarks, I let go of any notions of self and nearly perish alongside the father in my own confronting of mortality. So the successive solutions only exacerbate the problem: Bataille presents a new economic theory which he calls “general economy,” as distinct from the “restricted” economic perspective of most economic theory. I am taking an extremely dim view I was thinking about theology, but the final sentence of volume 1 mentions teleology, an antiquated teleology, at that, instead of THE ACCURSED SHARE by Georges Bataille by limiting my review to those issues that were mentioned in Ezra, which I believe was written at the time that the earliest books of the Bible, Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus, were compiled in the form some people are familiar with today.

And Lingis notes that when one gives a gift he no longer has any proprietary rights over it; giving something for profit is to debase the very nature of giving.

For Bataille, ‘the sexual act is what the tiger is in space’. The Implications of Excess. Ford chose the cheapest of the devices at the cost of burning to death in Pinto crashes. Though Nixon thought sending troops into Cambodia might make Vietnam safer init was also a risky move for those who were on helicopters that crashed.


The principle of risk is a fundamental component in what follows, an explication of self-consciousness differentiating glorious and catastrophic squandering. A Very Short Introduction.

Potlatch is not without its difficulties however. War, Philosophy and the Sacred.

Given this retelling of events, it does not seem like a far stretch to say that there could have been a chain of accidents resulting in injury and perhaps death. In this giving of material goods some prestige followed, but more appropriately, it was the destruction of goods that came with the greatest sense of prestige, and power. While Bataille presents this link between the nonproductive use of productive objects the bicycle and sexual licentiousness, I offer the paradox that reckless expenditure in sex may seem like the simplest and most exemplary good expenditure, but it is also the most difficult.

As I had mentioned in the introduction, death and its partner the exuberance of life, are the essential batallle of glorious squandering.

The prestige or rank one attains from his squandering, like I said of Singer, transforms expenditures into servile use. The surplus is the cause of the agitation, of the structural changes and of the entire history of society.

We arrive back where we had begun, at the notion of expenditure with respect to the restricted and general economies. The Aztec sacrifices were intimate actions for Bataille. On the whole a society always produces more than is necessary for its survival; it has a surplus at its disposal.

Print Hardcover and Paperback. As the millionaire who has spent the most to advertise his views in the states with early presidential primaries, Mitt Romney has proudly proclaimed the greatness of America, but the underlying structure of the political hierarchy is similar in nature to the parallels between Ezra and Bataille’s ACCRSED SHARE.

The Accursed Share – Wikipedia

With his concern being the global movement of energy and wealth Bataille provides us with multiple historical accounts of cultures and societies either expending or conserving their excesses. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Gifts are in fact a good kind of expenditure, but the consequences and motives of gift-exchange often get in the way.


But a question remains; suppose that the sacred, far from being, like the other objects of science, sbject to separation, is defined as the exact opposite of abstract objects things, tools, and clearly definable elementsprecisely as the concrete totality itself is resistant to it. At the dance that ended the feast, the warrior would hold the victim’s head in his accursex. The transition from the shhare state to that of erotic desire presupposes a partial dissolution of the person as he exists in the realm of discontinuity… The whole business of eroticism is to destroy the self-contained character of the participators as they are in their normal lives.

A capitalist ethic — valuing sharw, production, and conservation — today just like in the past, demands a squandering of excesses lest catastrophes result; but many partake in a manner that forgoes a conscious relinquishing of energies at a loss, batzille neglect of expending without individual gain.

Once the military limit is reached, the surplus has the sumptuary forms shade religion as an outlet, along with the games and spectacles that derive therefrom, or personal luxury.

Robert Hurley, New York: The intimacy between my lover and I is developed as a result of giving myself over to her emotionally. The earth is thus what makes human activity possible, and it is with human activity, i.

Touchstone Terms: The Accursed Share

University of California Press. Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity. It requires individuals whose separate existence in themselves is risked, placed at the limit of death bataiple nothingness; the moral summit is the sbare of risk taking, it is a being suspended in the beyond of oneself, at the limit of nothingness. Certainly the Aztecs were more harsh than the restrictions which the federal government wishes to put on drivers licenses in New York for those who are not American citizens or authorized by the United States government to live within the United States.

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