Aircraft Systems Technical Memorandum GENPLOT – General Plotting Program. User Guide and Reference Manual. Version by. Download Citation on ResearchGate | GENPLOT (General Plotting Program) User Guide and Reference Manual Version | Program GENPLOT was. View Notes – Genplot manual-Getting Started from MSE at Cornell University. Getting Started with GENPLOT REQUIREMENTS THE USER GENPLOT is.

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Note that the line colour will only apply to colour terminals and colour plotters. Re-start program for new plot 2.

[PDF] GENPLOT Manual – Free Download PDF

Creates the single text line. Sets up the tick mark parameters. If any error occurs while reading the data the user will be notifed and the file line in question will be displayed. Time at start of plot sec. Positions Text Lines 5.

GENPLOT – By Michael O. Thompson ([email protected])

However, it is time-consuming and tedious to manually plot data – even if there are only 20 data points, multiple runs of a program quickly amount to excessive time and effort required for manual plotting. They arc only applicable to colour terminals and colour plotters.


If a legend has previously been created in a non-zoom plot the user will be given the following options: Labels will be drawn in a program-defined size. Director, Aeronautical Research Laboratory, P.

DTIC ADA211770: GENPLOT (General Plotting Program) User Guide and Reference Manual Version 4.06.

More than one MCF can be requested if the manusl requires output to more than one output device. Enters one integer number from user. If a very long label exceds the length of the plot the program will reduce the character sizing until the label is small enough to fit inside the plot window. Determines the length of the entered string.

The drawing options menu is as shown below. Get number of lines to skip between reading data from file. If the plots are only being displayed via meta-files the aspect ratio will be unity.

The numeric labels can be drawn inside or outside the plot box.

Name of first data file 5. Terminal Type VT 3. GENPLOT is a generic plotting package that is particularly useful for presenting and analyzing scientific research data. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Manpage of GENPLOT

You r Options are: The menu items for this plotting option are basically the same as for Plotting-Option-1 with additional items for the second file. Column number to plot on Y-axis This file contains the data file name, the number of columns in the data file, the line number to start reading data file, and i the line number to stop reading the data file.


Whenever a retained segment is made visible, it is drawn to all selected display devices. If this is set as zero the maximum available display area will be used.

The Top-Left-Corncr of the legend box is positioned by the user. Draws a triangular-shaped marker at the specified position on the plot.

It is essentually menu-driven, with validity checks and error recovery on entered selections. Displays program exit message. Line number to start reading in 2nd file The plot labels were set as follows: Number of lines to skip in 1st file