About us. Gencor Industries, Inc., is the leading manufacturer of asphalt plants, soil remediation plants, combustion systems and screening equipment for the. View John Price’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. John has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and. Gencor Industries, Inc., incorporated on September 26, , is a manufacturer The Company’s principal products include asphalt plants, combustion systems.

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To open the outlet, the bladder is deflated to a location above the margins of the opening whereby the gate may be moved vertically downwardly and horizontally away from gendor opening to discharge material from the silo.

Joseph T Mollick, Willam D. Apparatus and methods for discharging particulate material from storage silos. Combustion Systems and Industrial Incinerators The Company manufactures combustion systems, which are large burners that transform solid, liquid or gaseous fuels into usable energy, or burn multiple fuels, alternately or simultaneously. A inclined rotary drum mixer has flights for forming a veiling pattern of particles across the width of the drum for cimbustion substantial axial extent.

A bag house is mounted on a portable trailer and has a tube sheet with depending filter bags in part defining a first plenum for receiving a gas stream with fines and a second plenum for receiving clean gas from the filter bags. The cam rod includes a logarithmic spiral cam profile, and the cam rod is displaceable in a radial direction into engagement with the driving part by rotation according to the logarithmic spiral cam profile.

Breakingviews Genvor Breakingviews Video. The diffusion burner flame maintains the premixed flame stabilized. The two vehicles are arranged in a fashion whereby vehicle one is connected to vehicle two in an inline continuous fashion. The device utilizes a tension link to maintain sufficient contact with the tire ring, ensuring that the cams will engage and hold the tire ring when necessary.

Gencor Industries, Inc. (GENC)

The Company is also engaged in product engineering and development efforts. RAP is also preheated by providing a preheat chamber adjacent the flame zone but segregated from direct contact with the flame to preheat the RAP. Joseph Mollick, Marc Elliott. Thermal fluid combustipn offer heat transfer for storage, heating and pumping viscous materials including asphalt, chemicals and heavy oils in combustiob industrial and petrochemical applications throughout the world.

Combuustion device utilizes clamping cams with logarithmic profiles to secure the tire ring without welding or direct attachment, only frictional force. An inclined counterflow rotating drum mixer has a burner head intermediate an aggregate inlet at one end of the drum and an asphaltic concrete discharge at the opposite end of the drum.


Rotation of the tire ring may be conducted to the rotary drum by frictional engagement between the cam rod and the driving cobmustion. The fines are collected in one or more hoppers below the filter bags. A method of making ocmbustion mix asphalt using recycled asphalt in which tertiary air is mixed with products of combustion at an exit of a refractory-lined chamber to produce hot controlled temperature process air, the temperature of the tertiary air being increased while the temperature of the products of combustion is decreased to adjust a temperature of the hot controlled temperature process air.

By using flat sided hoppers, the discharge area at the bottom of the silo is increased, facilitating faster loading of trucks with the particulate material.

By controlling the magnitude of the channel formed by the interceptor or diverter, the average exhaust gas temperature of the exhaust gases may be controlled.

The drying drum has a burner for generating hot gases of combustion for flow through gsncor drum to dry aggregate.

The drum includes identical drying flights each having a generally U-shaped body having side walls extending from opposite edges of a base and terminating in first and second edges having different configurations and consequent different veiling effects in the dryer by securing the flights in one combustino a plurality of orientations within the drum. The cam stop includes a pair of support blocks securable to the driven part, and a cam rod rotatably coupled with the support blocks and extending between the support blocks.

The dispensing cone is formed in a partial conical shape and includes a fill portion oriented to face the lower end of the silo at a base end of the conical shape and geencor dispense portion at an apex end of the conical shape. Fluid Heat Transfer Systems The Company’s General Combustion subsidiary also manufactures the Hy-Way heat and Beverley lines of thermal fluid heat transfer systems and specialty storage tanks for an array of industry uses.

Shield flights surround the combustion volume defining an annular chamber with the drum wall. Patents Assigned to Gencor Industries, Inc. The underwater electrical generator includes a stator core and counter-rotating turbine blades with permanent magnets in the hubs and windings in the core housing. The Company manufactures combustion systems, which are large burners that transform solid, liquid or gaseous fuels into usable energy, or burn multiple fuels, alternately or simultaneously.

Gencor Industries Inc () Company Profile |

Apparatus and methods for removing fines from a gas stream. The Company manufactures and produces hot-mix asphalt plants used in the production of asphalt paving materials. The Company’s principal products include asphalt plants, combustion systems combustioj fluid heat transfer systems. An apparatus and method for operating a rotatable drying drum are disclosed herein.


When tethered by the nose of the housing, the water current rotates the turbine blades generating electrical current which is supplied for commercial use via the tether to gecnor land-based utility.

The silo includes at least three hoppers terminating in rectilinear discharge openings extending lengthwise transversely of a loading area below the discharge openings.

Water injection nozzles are provided each of the premix and diffusion burners. Apparatus and methods for controlling the temperature of exhaust gases in a drum mixer. The bladder is then inflated to engage the gate sealing between the outlet and the gate. The cams provide immediate, powerful holding force in the desired direction, while allowing free counter-rotation when necessary. Small stator windings and permanent magnets are provided in the rotating hubs and core housing gfncor to charge batteries in the hubs for altering the pitch of the blades such that the blades can be feathered for maintenance outages.

In addition, it offers genclr flow drum mix technology, which recaptures and burns emissions and vapors. Genco emissions burner with premix flame stabilized by a diffusion flame.

The dispense portion includes extension sections that extend longitudinally outward from the apex end of the conical shape. The Company’s products are sold through a combination of the Company’s sales representatives and independent dealers, and agents located throughout the world.

Gencor Industries Inc News.

The discharge area at the bottom of the silo is increased, facilitating faster loading of trucks with the particulate material. A cam stop conducts rotation from a driving part, such as a tire ring, to a driven part, such as a rotary dryer or kiln. Discharging particulate materials from storage silos. The storage silo has a frustoconical discharge chute terminating in an annular outlet member having an inflatable bladder about its margin.

Patents Assigned to Gencor Industries, Inc. – Justia Patents Search

A storage and discharge apparatus for particulate material includes a silo and a dispensing cone adjacent a lower end of the silo. The Company designs, manufactures and sells machinery and related equipment used primarily for the production of asphalt and highway construction materials.

Gate seal for asphalt storage silo.