What is the opposite of freedom? In Freedom as Marronage, Neil Roberts answers this question with definitive force: slavery, and from there he unveils powerful. What is the opposite of freedom? In Freedom as Marronage, Neil Roberts answers this question with definitive force: slavery, and from there he. PDF | A book review of Neil Roberts, Freedom as Marronage (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, ).

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Their survival depended on relations and transactions with sectors of that broader society whether illicit or ws sanctioned, secret or overt, violent or peaceful, military or commercial. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This work is a serious survey for Caribbean scholars yet the text is written in a way that remains thoroughly readable and accessible to the public at lar Roberts’ thorough investigation into the psychological aspects of marronage ass revelatory and brings the discussion beyond freeedom dialectic of slavery and freedom to explore the wider meaning of “unfreedom.

Roberts examines the liminal and transitional space of slave escape in order to develop a theory of freedom as marronage, which contends that freedom is fundamentally located within this space—that it is a form of perpetual flight.

The Promise of Freedom and the Predicament of Marronage: Open Preview See a Problem? Roberts’ thorough investigation into the psychological aspects of aw is revelatory and brings the discussion beyond the dialectic of slavery and freedom to explore the wider meaning of “unfreedom.

Roberts has an expansive understanding of marronage that goes beyond accepted usage of the term as referring to communities created by fugitive slaves outside of but co-existing with colonial and post-colonial since slavery persisted past independence in the US and Brazil, for example slave societies in the Americas.

He contends that under Dessalines, Haitian peasants enjoyed a more equitable relationship to the land, participation in popular assemblies, and greater gender equality.

Marronage in the rreedom of short-term fugitivity but neither dwells on its constitutive role in republican thought. Despite the pervasive use marronage slavery as a metaphor for unfreedom, it is striking how much modern experiences of enslavement and slave agency are absent from analyses of freedom in political theory.


What is the opposite of freedom? If not in the Caribbean, then it would have occurred elsewhere.

Contact Contact Us Help. How do the differences that Roberts posits between Toussaint and Dessalines map onto and illuminate the distinction that he makes between sovereign and sociogenic marronage? What does it mean to theorize freedom from the perspective of the enslaved? Despite this important caveat, one of the achievements of Freedom as Marronage is the breadth of the book, which is impressive in dreedom geographical coverage.

Clayton Eshleman and Annette Smith Berkeley: What is the opposite of freedom? Project MUSE Mission Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential fdeedom and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

In Freedom as MarronageNeil Roberts answers this question freedim definitive force: The theory karronage from such flight is freedom as marronage. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want mafronage read. Yet, as Roberts convincingly shows, modern political thinkers tend to analyze the concept using the freedoms of the powerful and the privileged to inform their conceptual frames.

Zaynab Shahar rated it liked it Dec 19, Whitley Schiller rated it really liked it Oct 22, All maroons were identified as fugitive slaves. This raises a broader question about in these societies requires new conceptual tools that are drawn whether sovereignty and marronage are mutually exclusive from their historical and contemporary predicaments.

He reads this as a comment on the probability of flight as well as the difficulties and creative frictions produced by ongoing mobility.

Freedom as Marronage – Chicago Scholarship

In Freedom as MarronageNeil Roberts answers this question with definitive force: Click here to sign up. But doing so would seem to require us to start from the peculiar forms of freedom that were shaped by the particular conditions of flight and founding that have historically defined maroon communities and practices.


If we bracket the historical examples and focus on marronxge interesting conceptual claims, there arises a different set of questions.

Insofar as it signals the founding of a new order that institutes real freedom, it would help to hear more about the kinds of sociopolitical arrangements this might entail. He engages a stunning variety of writers, including Hannah Arendt, W. Her research interests span marronaeg political theory, political solidarity, and multiculturalism. Such practices may indeed have derived from maroon precedents. University of Pittsburgh Press, One of the most valuable features of this book is its self-conscious and explicit drawing on the black slave and post-slave experience—New World African enslavement, marronage of different varieties, the Haitian slave revolution, post-emancipation racial oppression in conditions of nominal freedom—as a resource for political theory.

The Limitations and Possibilities of Freedom as Flight: In this spirit, he offers close readings of the reflections of W. Want to Freecom saving…. They lived a frefdom and conditional autonomy that bound them to the system they fled. No trivia or quizzes yet. A first set of questions concerns the historical opposition that Roberts draws between Toussaint and Dessalines.

Freedom as Marronage

Guerrilla Marketing Alexander L. The result is a unique contribution to contemporary political thought: He usefully discusses how marronage challenges the liberal fiction of absolute freedom and how it challenges attempts to conflate freedom with state sovereignty.

I certainly agree, but the question is how? Sociogenic marronage seems primarily defined by non-sovereignty and a social and political order [End Page ] shaped by the experiences of ordinary fugitives or the previously enslaved who enacted flights to freedom. Michelle Bello rated it liked it Aug 21, At one margonage Roberts bolsters his argument by quoting a Haitian proverb: