Scott Baio as Bugsy Malone. Florrie Dugger as Blousey Brown. Jodie Foster as Tallulah. John Cassisi as Fat Sam. Martin Lev as Dandy Dan. Paul Murphy as. Keywords: free bugsy malone script bugsy malone bugsy script download. Language: English. Shooting location: n/a. See the Download Free. Based on the hit film, starring a pre-teen Scott Baio and Jodi Foster, and featuring a catchy, swinging score by the composer of The Muppet Movie, Bugsy .

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Don’t give up your day job. My eyes are closing.

Bugsy Malone JR. | Music Theatre International

Pictures of Hollywood stars. Careful, the floor is wet. What we gonna do? There’s a politician sitting by the kitchen I’m in a jam.

I’ll give you one ffree chance. We act like normal, right? I would also advise not putting the name of your school on posts where you are asking for advice on how to break copyright laws. Look, beat it, will you?


Somebody help me, please! Got him, the knuckle. I’m sure we can talk it over.

Promote your show with the officially licensed logo. In Cowboy Movies and Westerns.

I think he’s in Fat Sam’s gang. Lena, you’ve come back to me. There’s a million other jobs.

Bugsy Malone (1976) Movie Script

Dan, you’re a rat! My friends don’t wanna know me. This can’t be true. I wasn’t smiling at you.

Bugsy Malone: Playscript (Libretto) – Parker, Alan

Go fix your make-up. Doesn’t show very well when typing.

They will set up a contract and give you a performance licesnse. BUGSY Oh, she walks out every bugy and every week they have auditions and every week she walks back again Anyone who feels the rhythm moving through him Yeah, right, get out there. Relax, relax, will you? Come on, give a girl a break.

Come on, Dotty, what do you think? Fref, dumb bums we ain’t. One of the key the Well of Urd lost to her for previous A nice guy, a little too popular with the broads.


They’ll be black eyes if Fat Sam catches us. Even a dumb bum acript Louie is too quick for us. They got the still. It is a fascinating book if you are a fan of Bugsy Malonebut especially if you live in the U. Believe me, Fat Sam and his dumb bums