OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS for the AUXILIARY IDLE CONTROL MODULEExclusively for Ford Trucks with L DIT Diesel Engines Powertrain Control S. Press any arrow key to toggle Manual RPM Control function. Press ACTIVATE/ DEACTIVATE (FORD OVAL) key to proceed to the next step in programming. inside before operating pto muncie power products, inc. ford apcm manual pdf started finding ford apcm manual, and you are right to find the biggest collection.

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Engine is started and at idle Step 2 Activate Charge Protection. With Automatic Charge Protection programmed, the engine speed will be elevated within amnual few seconds after programming is exited and the vehicle’s enabling conditions are met.

This is Menu A. Connect the yellow PTO output to an external 12V electrical load. Parking brake is set 2. The following diagram shows how the upper and lower PTO speed limits function when programmed.

Charge Protection mode can only apm activated with all vehicle interlock conditions met, the APCM is for stationary use only. The APCM can be used to: Locate the mating 4-pin connector under the driver’s side instrument panel and connect. This eliminates the need More information. There are also programmable options for lower and upper limits. It should be connected to a normally open contact.

RPM Control mode can be activated from in-cab, from a remote apmc, and can be programmed to activate automatically on engine start-up. APCM will not function on vehicles prior to model year. No programming is required for Remote Charge Protection, however the installation of a remote switch is required. PTO Control mode will also be exited if the engine speed exceeds the programmed upper limit.


How to read this guide How to read this guide The following shows the symbols used in this Quick start guide with descriptions and examples. The single arrow keys increase fird decrease the engine apcj at a slower rate.

The Custom Input Voltage should sweep between 0 and 5V. Step 1 Program the PTO lower limit.

The programmable speed presets range from to RPM. The J datalink More information. Cutting the harness can damage the twisted pair communication lines and result in a non-functional system.

This feature requires programming and remote switch installation. Air conditioning, electrical testing just a test. No programming is required for Remote RPM Control, however installation of a remote switch is required.


Programming is required to use the custom switch. The PTO output wire must be installed correctly for proper operation. For additional programming options, refer to Section 5 of this manual.

Save and exit programming mode by pressing the [FORD] key. Foot is off service brake 5. Foot on brake, release parking brake, or take vehicle out of park Normal idle.

A warning feature More information. The APCM can be used to: The double arrow keys increase or decrease the engine speed at a faster rate. Menu C should not be reprogrammed: How to read this guide The following shows the symbols used in this Quick start guide with descriptions and examples. Stop Alert Flasher with G-Force sensor Stop Alert module creates brake light flashing effect to catch attention of the drivers behind to avoid dangerous rear end collision.


Step 1 Page 9. Vehicles with non-Ford alternators in Charge Protection Mode may experience battery undercharging or engine speeds that seem excessive. Additionally, with this function programmed, you can turn off the PTO, adjust the idle speed, and return to normal idle. Save and exit programming mode by pressing the [FORD] key twice. You’ll see 2 lights blink, and the engine speed stored in Memory 1 is displayed.


Set parking brake 2. The table below summarizes the required programming for each APCM function. Display shows the RPM value associated with the Custom input voltage. RPM Control light is off.

Check custom input circuit power. The up ramp rate is how fast the engine ramps up to the desired speed. Damage to your More information. Introduction An ISO Because overshoots are best corrected with the Powertrain Control Module, forf value should not be re-programmed, and should be left at “I” level or lower. For is Menu A. The recommendation is to use Charge Protection mode with Ford alternators.

Quality industrial switches with gold contacts are recommended for contact durability due to the low current. For information on what engine speed Gord value corresponds to what custom input voltage Vrefer to Section 9. Page 8 Section 3.