KVR Audio News: One of the most popular and useful collections of trad jazz and Dixieland songs is now available on the Fakebook Pro. 1. Dixieland Fake Book – The Firehouse Jazz /. 1. Dixieland Fake Book – The Firehouse Jazz Band Sparad i Dropbox • 20 dec. 08 (11 Dixieland Jazz Band. Concert Pitch m Ostrich Walh The Firehouse Jazz Band C*7 Gm7 fe Recorded: ODJB , Mutt Carey (with Baby .

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Hear the train a – call – in’, whoo – ee. Yeah, that’s just the reason I’m gonna thin out on you.

Let’s make that day come soon. There ffirehouse blues you get from waitin’ on the dock, Wondrin’ if the boat’s gonna’ rock. She raised the dick ens!

Edim B b ad lib: Ace In the Hole – P. Letter “A” There’s a boy that’s in our band, And how dixiekand blows that horn, Finest since you 1 re born, When he starts you’re gone.


Full text of “The Firehouse Jazz Band Fake Book”

Preach – er man is G? Make all the gals turn blue F? Russell Robinson – Both men were prolific composers.

You’ll find myrea-son is log – ic – ‘ly sound.

It doo wah, doo wah, doowah, doo wah, doowah, doo wah, doowah, doo wah. Dizzy Fingers, Kitten On the Keys, etc. Victor was a landmark, and could be had for 75 cents. B I Solos begin: Barney Google, with his booi eyes. Oriental Strut – P. Just see that buck – et steam- in’, They see that Andf hear those buck – et steam – in’, folks all scream – in’, F?

Dial in on my se-crets and you’ll tune off yet, The grave- yard is the sta-tion that you’re gon-na get! Stop Time behind solos first 6 bars of “D”: ParisEarl Hines Orch. That boy’s the “cats”. Big Four”Bob Crosby Orch.

Has more beaus Has more beaus than the Na – vy has ma – rines. My I lov- in’ man’s sweet as he can be, but the dog- gone fool turned so- ur on me” love my cof- fee, I love my tea, but the dog- gone cream turned so-ur on me. Chris Smith – – Lyrics: H leave ya to sing the blues in the night.


They put some G 7 C 7 fine spring chick- ens in the land, And taught my Mam-my how to use a fry-ing pan. Dorsey, Condon, Krupa, A. Waltz- in” round is might-y fine, Gli- din’ sure- ly is de- vine.

Firehouse Jazz Band Commercial Dixieland Fake Book

Rubato intro piano solo: I like fay – do – do ba – lay – ga- bo and a Mar-di Gras par-ade. Louis Blues – P. And when the angels, gather ’round, And when the angels gather ’round, Lord I want to be in that Number When the angels gather ’round. Bix, Lang, Bargy, etc.