A Fire Upon the Deep may be the most exciting and important of all modern future and even mobile phones were still a little exotic, Vernor Vinge had his finger. It’s not that I think A Fire Upon the Deep is perfect, it’s just that it’s got so much in it . There are lots of books that have fascinating universes, and. A perfect example is A Fire Upon the Deep, by Vernor Vinge. It takes all the tropes of space opera, but grounds them in interesting speculations.

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But beyond the rim civilizations can Transcend and become godlike. That’s not true in all cases, however, as some individuals are particularly bright or have a sure sense of themselves, which means a duo could merge vine three or four others and essentially take over that new pack, reconstituting a facsimile of the original personality. The first third of this book is some of the best science-fiction I have ever read: Actually, the “Unthinking Depths” at the other end was also kind of spooky.

Can we talk about these aliens for a bit? Oct 22, Stephen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A Pandava Novel Book 1. We also encourage discussion about developments in the book world and we have a flair system. fier


Pack sentience is very nice, and the idea of zones is intriguing. Ravna is a librarian because she always loved the stories about the Age of Princesses.

SF : A Fire Upon the Deep / Vernor Vinge ★★★★½

The characterization is also, most unfortunately, pretty bad. I absolutely loved this book! The ship is about thirty thousand years old. A race of insectoid humanoids which constitutes one of the “majority races” of the Vrinimi organization. This is an impressive work of hard science fiction.

A Fire Upon the Deep

The malevolent power is uopn on their trail, as is a rag-tag band of its other surviving victims — humans and aliens and the man who was possessed by a defeated opposing power. One of my favorite books.

The plot is not paced appropriately, nor equally distributed between the different locations Vinge focuses on. I did have real trouble with the fact that their network protocols bore suspicious similarity to USENET message headers, c.

Zones of Thought (Literature) – TV Tropes

I read it about 7 or 8 years ago so I don’t remember all the details but I puon on reading it again this year. Vernor Vinge has become one of my favorite science fiction authors with this amazing novel. The Blight taking over the universe is the B plot, while the castaway kids are the A plot.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. A Fire Upon the Deep is one of my all-time favorite books for the reasons you mentioned.

Quick Rules:

It’s one of my favorite books ever, upoh Ravna was always somewhat of a weak character, and I wish she had been a little more involved instead of being mostly a stand-in for the audience. A Fire Upon the Deep.


The further out you get towards the galaxy’s edge, one advances through the Slow Zone, the Low and High Beyond, and finally into the Transcend, where you’ll find lifeforms that are as close to godlike as you’d care to come. I thought the last third of Deepness was absolutely astounding. An expedition from Straumli Realm, an ambitious young human civilization in the high Beyond, investigates a five-billion-year-old data archive in the low Transcend that offers the possibility of unimaginable riches.

One major source of disappointment for me, also, was the way the Galactic net was portrayed. I haven’t even gone into the cosmic plot involving singularity and the god-like Powers yet and I’m not going to because I could spend all day extolling the virtues of this book and never get anything else done. And that’s on top of the several tens of thousand years Deepness is set in our future. Ravna Bergsndot, the only human Relay employee, traces the sleeper ship’s signal to the Tines world and persuades her employer to investigate what the human ship took from High Lab, contracting the merchant vessel Out of Band IIowned by two sentient plant Skroderiders, Blueshell and Greenstalk, to transport them.

So you get an excellent value in terms of ideas-per-dollar. I don’t know, it’s a cool ass book.