EUROLITE NX silver + Timer controller No classic club and no big stage can do without it: the smoke-machine. It is not only its power-output. EUROLITE NB ICE Bodennebler. will be ordered for you. EUR · EUROLITE LED FE Hybrid Laserflower. 1 piece on stock. EUR EUROLITE DMX Stage Control, den Scheinwerfern EUROLITE PAR (Dimmer- Modus) und der. Nebelmaschine EUROLITE NX (Switch-Modus).

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Not possible for international shipments.

Eurolite NX-150 Remote, Timer 5-pol, suitable for Eurolite NX-150 Fog Machine

When mounting the controller into the rack, please make sure that there is enough space around the device so that the heated air eurollite be passed on. In-Ear Monitoring 37 Results Alle anzeigen.

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The power plug must only be plugged into a protection class I outlet. Digital DJ Results Alle anzeigen. Insert the end in the quick link and tighten the safety screw. Stecken Sie die Netzleitung nur in geeignete Schukosteckdosen ein.

There are no euolite parts inside the device except for the fuse. Bezahlen Sie schnell und unkompliziert in kleinen Monatsraten. Truck company shipments paletts, packets over 31,5 kg or 3 m size need delivery time of 3 days, except saturdays and sundays. Name Email Subject Message optional. Tell us what’s missing.


Keep this manual for futur e needs! Occupation of the DIP-switches: This device falls under protection-class I. JBL 55 Results Alle anzeigen. We are fast Very short time to get your individual offer Fast shipment after your order Delivery also overnight possible Always competence in consultig, also with complex projects You always get the lowest price instant We are always reachable for you, also aftersales We supply everything in the area: Confetti Streamer Results Alle anzeigen.

Leave the device switched off until it has reached room temperature.

EUROLITE Timer-Controller LCD-1

Pull the safety bond through the attachment eyelet and over the trussing system or a safe fixation spot. Audio-Accessories Results Alle anzeigen. Studioblitz 73 Results Alle anzeigen. Delivery time parcel packages 1 — 2 days, except saturdays, sun- and public holidays.

EUROLITE NB ICE Low Fog Machine (Light Stage & Disco)

Only handle the power-cord by the plug. Avoid direct skin contact with the smoke. Lassen Sie die Netzleitung nicht mit anderen Kabeln in Kontakt kommen!


Weisskopf or via email: Services for your purchase. The operator must therefore inform himself on the current safety instructions and consider them. Never remove the serial barcode from the device as euroliite would make the guarantee void.

The escape eurplite will heat up during operation. Commerce Template by www. Contact us if we are too expensive or there is an article somewhere else more favourably.

HK Audio Results Alle anzeigen. The manual control cannot be used in DMX mode.

Permanently no longer available. The operator has to make sure that safety-relating and machine-technical installations are approved by an expert before taking into operation for the first time and after changes before taking into operation another time.

You can find the latest update of this user manual in the Internet under: Video-Soft- und Hardware Results Alle anzeigen. The fluid tank of the device needs to be filled eurolte smoke fluid before starting up operation and always disconnected from the mains as fluid could be spilled.