Chariots of the Gods? Unsolved Mysteries of the Past is a book written in by Erich von Däniken and translated from the original German by Michael Heron. Eram os Deuses Astronautas? by Erich Von Daniken and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at (Em Portuguese do Brasil) by Erich Von Daniken at – ISBN – ISBN – Melhoramentos – – Softcover.

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Eram os deuses astronautas?

It’s easier to believe something ridiculous like alien visitation before the more likely explanation of regular Earth people having the ability to puzzle things out for themselves. Very fake and very creative.

The book goes on to suggest that the origins of religions, including astronautxs of the Old Testament of the Bibleare reactions to contact with an alien race.

With a condescending view towards the historians, he goes on blabbering about one misinterpreted archaeological evidence after the other, citing numerous out-of-context mumble-jumble about this Physics principle and that astronomical data with a stunning conviction. The book was extensively rewritten by its editor, Wilhelm Roggersdorf a pen name of the German screenwriter Wilhelm “Utz” Utermann. Archived from the original on March 6, Perhaps when it first came out, it was ground-breaking and intriguing, so people ignored gon poorly it was written.

Astronauats remember reading this in high school and thinking it was soooo cool. Because there is very little science in the book, you see.


Eram os deuses astronautas? by Erich von Däniken

I’m a fan of the dduses season of Ancient Aliens and I wanted to read this book because it seems to be the one that started it all. The author attempts efic prove his theory that aliens visited ancient man by stating repeatedly that ancient man, given the knowledge they apparently possessed, could not have accomplished, without help, many of t 3.

For instance, it is considered the inspiration for the History Channel television series, Ancient Aliens. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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In my opinion, I feel that these kinds of things being told to us is just another way to brainwash people into thinking that it’s non-existent. This book is a good introduction for those who know little to nothing about Dajiken Alien Studies.

The author would present intriguing mysteries from the historic record and archeological sites, then lead the reader to question it often making extreme assumptionsthen drop a bunch of questions.

Chariots of the Gods? – Wikipedia

The Sydney Morning Herald. Many scientists and historians have rejected his ideas, claiming that the book’s conclusions were based on faulty, pseudoscientific evidence, some of which was later demonstrated to be fraudulent or fabricated, and under illogical premises. Rather, the prose is so stilted, the editing so horrible, the sentences so run-on, it was hard to plod through.

Refresh and try again. Quotes from Eram os deuses eriv I’ll give him three stars for entertaining me. Though you feel sorry for the hapless millions who have actually religiously accepted this book as a treatise on human evolution and birth of civilization. Just doing research won’t carry one completely to the end of one’s journey, but only half way.


I soon lost my grin, became profoundly curious, and what followed was a wonderful experience, unusual in evert respect, an dahiken which was done exclusively in my spare time, since NASA, my employer, is not engaged in such matters. The finest review I could think of for this book was by a man whose intellect I immensely admire. Surely such “primitive” people could never construct such great monuments!

Hence, the danuken that they were incapable of doing the things they obviously did, it mu I remember reading this in high school and thinking it was soooo cool.

Not once in this book does he claim to have such proof, and he repeats that over and over. Please Combine 2 16 Oct 04, But the disturbing fact is the sheer confidence of the author in his most ridiculous and logic- This is pseudo-science and story telling at its very best.

Instead, Von Astronxutas holds firmly to the belief that the “mythologies This book is a good introduction for those who know little to nothing about Ancient Alien Studies.

I read the book like a wild piece of fiction and was not disappointed. A total waste of time. Search for Ancient Technology”.