4 x USB 1 x LAN (Gigabit Ethernet) 1 x serial 1 x VGA 1 x PS/2 keyboard 1 x PS/2 mouse 1 x audio line-out – mini-jack 1 x audio line-in – mini-jack. [Drc-fir-users] Tests with EPIA EN and RME HDSP, HZ= From: Nicola Prada – Hi guys, in the late. VIA Technologies EPIA-ENG – VIA Motherboard – Mini ITX Manual Online: Power Consumption, Via Epia En Power Consumption Tests Were.

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An emergency cooling fan was installed where the original power supply was. This time, SpeedFan 4. When not in use, the power it consumes is negligible, but it could become a significant factor when spinning quickly.

Drivers are occasionally updated, so we made sure we had the most current versions, available from either viapsd. April 14, The “Digg” Case. April 20, The “Jeannie”. March 09, The rn12000 Cube”. Options for new office pc Re: We decided that it was worth paying attention to.

VIA EPIA EN12000EG – motherboard – mini ITX – VIA C7 – CN700

As a bonus, it is both fanless and efficient. February 18, The “Rundfunker”.

A tiny amount that is almost insignificant. The DVD drive was added for the system comparison.


VIA EPIA ENE: Today’s most efficient CPU & mainboard |

April 11, Neatorama’s Collection of Case Mods. Throughout the testing, the only sources of noise were the hard drive and the power supply. The results of the test made the ENE look very, very good.

VIA C3 processors have been known to keep running indefinitely even without a heatsink.

Comments in fpia are property of their posters. SPCR is optimized for viewing at x screen size. December 15, The “Deco Box”. Colocation Server Hosting by Binary Environments. Options for new office pc more.

VIA EPIA ENEG – motherboard – mini ITX – VIA C7 – CN Overview – CNET

At idle, this EPIA system required less than half the power of any other system we’ve measured. January 17, The “iGrill”. It read epiz higher than the “CPU” temperature. Submitted by Devon Cooke on Fri, The only usable intake vent is quite small Options for new office pc.

Re: BUG on EN12000 w/ 2.6.28?

The Sereniti has terrible cooling airflow. September 12, “Florian”, the DVD burning robot. We did not have any other power supplies of the same form factor as the original, but we did have a picoPSUwhich was designed originally for mini-ITX.

Social Join our Mailing List. The tests were done with the system in three states: System power was measured with a Seasonic Power Angel at the AC plug and does not include the en21000 required by the monitor. The rest of the components in the system: Unfortunately, the thermal data is a epka bit difficult to interpret, since the accuracy of the sensor and the thermal tolerance of the CPU is unknown.


While the 28W idle from before was impressive, the 17W idle with the picoPSU more than doubled the power advantage over the previous best. CPUs Motherboards Viewing page 4 of 5 pages. May 15, The “Mini Falcon”. August 06, Rn12000 a Green PC. Show Random How to submit your project.

We have never before managed to get any system to idle at less than 37W, even with a Pentium M with SpeedStep enabled. July 21, E1n2000 “Supra-Server”.

October 06, The “Coealacanth-PC”. Things did not change much under load. For this reason, noise was not measured, as the board itself had no effect on the noise level of the system. July 02, The “Mini Mesh Box”. Thermal and Power Measurements.