EPA Method A in the EPA methods list database. View all EPA methods. EPA Method A: Chlorinated Biphenyl. Congeners by HRGC/HRMS. Horizon Technology, Inc., Salem, NH. Horizon Technology, Inc., 45 Northwestern Dr. Ecology may require or allow the use of the most current accepted revision of EPA Method (USEPA, ) at contaminated sites, instead.

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A 5-mL syringe is recommended for this operation. Pull the acetone through the disk, releasing the vacuum when approx 1 mm thickness remains on the filter. These lower recovery windows reflect that these congeners are partially lost in the solvent evaporation step s.

The analytes are listed in Table 1. At the proper rate of concentration, the flow of solvent into 1668x receiving flask will be steady, but no bumping or visible boiling of the extract will occur. This Method was prepared by Interface, Inc.

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Therefore, the laboratory should homogenize at least 20 g of tissue to allow for re-extraction of a second rpa of the same homogenized sample, if re-analysis is required. EPA believes that application of a method to one or more matrices in multiple laboratories usually can reflect the performance of the method across multiple matrices.

RT window width necessary to attempt to unambiguously identify the congener in the presence of other congeners. Both methods are based on a compilation of methods from the technical literature Referencesand EPA’s dioxins and furans method, Method If additional CBs are to be determined by isotope dilution e. Tetrachlorobiphenyls, Total 1668q List.

EPA Method 1668A

Their general experience has been that using a g sample results in difficulties during instrumental analysis lock-mass problems. If, however, any individual RSD exceeds the precision limit or any individual X falls outside the range for recovery, system performance is unacceptable for that compound. 1668aa this interferences occurs, For some samples, the presence of color in the extract may indicate that back-extraction is necessary.


The laboratory narratives suggest that many laboratories lacked experience extracting and cleaning 1686a a biosolids matrix.

In developing those instructions, EPA will assume that any background concentration of PCB congeners in the wastewater samples is minimal. Insert a test tube for eluant collection into the flask. Re-concentrate the sample and QC aliquots per Sections Pentachlorobiphenyls, Total Report List. If the laboratory must dissect the whole fish eps obtain the appropriate tissue for analysis, the unused tissues may be rapidly refrozen and stored in a clean glass jar for subsequent use.

The epaa tube should have sufficient capacity to contain the total volume of the elution solvent approx 50 mL and should fit around epaa drip tip. The fraction discarded will contain residual lipids and other potential interferents, if present. In all three cases, the laboratories cited scheduling conflicts as the reason for their inability to complete the study.

Requirements for establishing equivalency are in Section 9. If, however, any compound fails its respective limit, the measurement system is not performing properly.

The mean and median recoveries of nearly all congeners were in the 60 – percent range, typical for recovery of organic compounds extracted from wastewater. Truncated numbers at the decimal point in the ” pairs” column. If a separate aliquot is used, use nitrogen to evaporate the main portion of the 166a8 extract only to the extent necessary to effect the solvent exchange to n-hexane, so that loss of low molecular weight CBs is avoided, i.

If the initial precision and recovery test is to be performed, use four aliquots; if the ongoing precision and recovery test is to be performed, use a single aliquot.

Method A Interlaboratory Validation Study Report

In general, hard particles can be reduced 168a grinding with a mortar and pestle. SCC was unable to obtain additional information or supporting data. In this case, alternate extraction and cleanup procedures in this Method or an alternate GC column must be 168a to resolve the interference.


Thus, EPA excluded some biosolids results, as described in Section 3 of this report. Based on previous experience, EPA believes that municipal wastewater discharges are unlikely to contain a sufficient number of PCB congeners at concentrations to adequately test the capabilities of the method.

All portions of the column that connect spa GC to the ion source should remain at or above the interface temperature specified above during analysis to preclude condensation of less volatile compounds. Labeled congeners that form the quantitation reference.

Prewet the column by adding approximately 1 mL of solvent through the top. The matrix for the Method blank must be similar to the sample matrix for the batch, e.

The purpose of the field blank is to determine if the field or sample transporting procedures and environments have contaminated the sample. Concentration for Tissue Figure is a plot of RSD as a function of concentration for the congeners detected in tissue.

Multiple congeners in a box indicates a group of congeners that co-elute or may not be adequately resolved on a m SPB-octyl column.

When wastes cannot be reduced feasiblely at the source, the Agency recommends recycling as the next best option. Only glass or fluoropolymer tubing must be used. Lipids must be removed by dpa anthropogenic isolation column procedure, followed by the gel permeation chromatography procedure as described in the method.

Two laboratories resolved labeled and native congeners andwhile the other laboratories reported these congeners as coeluting pairs.