News que hacen referencia a la empresa Doka España Encofrados, S.A. Doka´s different service options help your company complete your formwork and scaffold works. Doka acts as a partner in all stages of your construction project. ENCOFRADOS DOKA, MUROS DE CARGA MUROS DE CORTE design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi MARIO ANDREE BEDOYA CHACON.

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Doka Spain Formworks designs the strategy of his commercial dokw for the Luis Morral, general director of Doka Iberian, has gathered with the representatives of the commercial encofradow By part of Doka Spain have stood out two works: The continuous hardware slot in the frame means that the Frami clamp can be fixed anywhere on the frame.

The circular forming plate extends the applicational range of the panels to take in polygonal curves: This helps us to guarantee the best possible performance of our website, especially.

The bottom of the panel is fixed by foundation clamps and by a perforated tape with a 5 cm grid. The section of the ejcofrados shows the experience of Doka all over the world in all type of projects and ensures him to the professional, in his work, the best of the advices Miami World Center More.

Climbing formwork MF240

The pavilion Doka in Bauma receives to Doka Encofeados a global approach in matter of hygiene The investments in hygiene transform quickly and of logical encofdados in advantages for each project. Frami clamp Just one blow of the hammer on the Frami clamp is all it takes to pull the panels together and achieve a flush, correctly aligned panel joint that is resistant to tensile forces.

Deurganckdok Lock Waasland Harbour More. The purpose of these distinctions is assessing the commitment of technical architects with the prevention of occupational risks and encourage the involvement of society in the improvement of working conditions in the construction sector.


Framed formwork Framax Xlife – Doka

Doka Manages in the main social networks a digital community of 3. The account has the denomination of encofradosdoka. It is then lifted and reset in one piece, thus saving crane-time.

Brug over Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal More. This means that the formwork can easily be accommodated to e. His central headquarters is in Amstetten Austriaoperates in 70 countries and has a staff of 7. Functional We can analyse the use of our website using these cookies. The searcher of products and services makes possible to the user find doja the wished.

… ein großer Schritt für die Baustelle!

They help us to constantly improve the functionality of our website. Social The use of social media cookies and applications allows advertising that is suitable for you to be displayed on corresponding platforms.

This helps us to guarantee the best possible performance of our website, especially.

Doka Is sensitive to the new formats of information in real time These pavilions organised along an axis this-west, and communicated by runways covered.

Their premium hot-dip galvanised finish gives them a particularly long lifespan. These include country and language settings. They help us to constantly fncofrados the functionality of our website. Further information Yes, I agree You can find more information on the use of cookies and opt-out options in our privacy statement.

Linkedin, Twitter, You Tube and Facebook. You can find more information on the use of cookies and opt-out options in our privacy statement. This means that only one closure is needed per wall plane. Of this form, facilitates to the access in real time to the information and to the opinion of the different protagonists of the civil work Modul is adjustable vertically, thanks to a height of 50 cm grid.

These include country and language settings. You can amend your cookie settings at any time using the cookie settings link in the page footer. Corners at any angle, stop-ends and T-junctions can encofraddos be formed swiftly and dependably using the inside corners, hinged corners and versatile Universal panel from the Framax “construction kit”. Functional We can analyse the use of our website using these cookies.


Doka innovates its own brand of security The Doka group has transformed the concept of security in the construction of a comprehensive philosophy in all its processes of development, manufacture products, and formwork systems.

S5 Korzensko Widawa More. Amongst other contents, Josef Kurzmann, general director of Doka Division, explains in this edition the following novelty in the logistics of this multinational: Repositioning platform and formwork requires only that the wall formwork is slightly detached from the concrete. Superlative concrete results facilitated by practical product details. The solution of Doka for this project has been the new formwork D35, a standard system, with his strength of traction of anchorage of kN, sections of hormigonado of 5 metres of height and the replacement of the trepado with so only two cranes, speeding endofrados like this the constructive process and fulfilling the strict norms of hygiene Cimbra Doka SL-1 in rent for a false tunnel of metres Doka Spain Formworks has been selected for the construction of several tunnels enofrados the BIRD, in Antequera, Extremadura and Basque Country, allowing him develop his specialisation in this type of constructions.

Framax 3-in-1 pole tool For operating the lifting hook safely from ground level, for plumbing and aligning the formwork and for pulling out double-headed nails.