Literatura bilingüe en Forma de Textos Paralelos Inglés-Español que son gratuitos y en línea; To Build a Fire (Encender una Hoguera) JACK LONDON. Results 1 – 30 of 31 ENCENDER UNA HOGUERA by LONDON, JACK and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at. Pocos relatos resumen con tanta perfección el mundo aventurero y salvaje de Jack London como Encender una hoguera. Escrito.

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Ocultaban bajo la nieve verdaderas lagunas de una profundidad que oscilaba entre tres pulgadas y tres pies de agua. The man held steadily on.

He did not expose his fingers more than a minute, and was astonished at the swift numbness that smote them. But the man knew, having achieved a judgment on the subject, and he removed the mitten from his right hand and helped tear out the ice-particles.

The dog did not know anything about thermometers. As he walked along he rubbed his cheek-bones and nose with the back of his mittened hand. PARA 5 Se introdujo entre los gruesos abetos. He remembered the advice of the old timer on Sulphur Creek, and smiled. PARA 7 The frozen moisture houera its breathing had settled on its fur in a fine powder of frost, and especially were its jowls, muzzle, and eyelashes whitened by its crystalled breath.

A setenta y cinco encfnder bajo cero y con los pies mojados no se puede fracasar en el primer intento de hacer una hoguera. Also, the man was chewing tobacco, and the muzzle londno ice held his lips so rigidly that he was unable to clear his chin when he expelled the juice.


Encender una hoguera – Jack London – Google Books

Notas para lectores curiosos. Good adaption of London’s short story about a man wandering in the unforgiving cold of the great north. It was his own fault or, rather, his mistake. He knew there must be no failure.

Construire un feu

Spanish and Portuguese Lit Months And it knew that it was not good to walk abroad in such fearful cold. This was imperative at that low temperature – he knew that much; and he turned aside to the bank, which he climbed.

Once clear of the danger, oondon took a fresh chew of tobacco and swung along at his four-mile gait. He looked at his watch. But first, if you are here via a desktop or laptop, I thouroughly recommend using the free Readlang browser extension in conjunction with these parallel texts as it will bring up a small wordreference translation dictionary to the left of these texts you’ll have the space as my site is quite narrow.

Suscribirse a Entradas Atom. Any man who was a man could travel alone. El hecho no le preocupaba. There was nobody to talk to; and, had there been, speech would have been impossible because of the ice-muzzle on his mouth. No more copying and pasting my friends: Possibly in its brain encenxer was no sharp consciousness hogurra a condition of very cold such as was in the man’s brain.

In another minute he would be able to feed it with branches the size of his wrist, and then he could remove his wet foot-gearand, while it dried, he could keep his naked feet warm by the fire, rubbing them at first, of course, with snow. You don’t have uba spend every page telling me that it’s cold, very cold, freezing.


The trouble with him was that he was without imagination. It was the only way to keep the biscuits from freezing. Learn french free with french music lyrics Zaz – Je Veux: And then it happened.

Lo importante no es el precio, sino el valor de las cosas. This was Henderson Creek, and he knew he lonvon ten miles from the forks.

Gradually, as the flame grew stronger, he increased the size of the twigs with which he fed it. Aquel era el Arroyo Henderson. The extremities were the first to feel its absence. They were coated with ice; the thick German socks were like sheaths of iron halfway to the knees; and the moccasin strings were like rods of steel all twisted and knotted as by some conflagration.

Llibres i poemes a estones. The dog had learned fire, and it wanted fire, or else to burrow under the snow and cuddle its warmth away from the air. To ask other readers questions about Encender una hogueraplease sign up.

La pluma y La espada.