Khan: Empire of Silver: A Novel of the Khan Empire and millions of other books are . Conqueror: A Novel of Kublai Khan (The Khan Dynasty) by Conn Iggulden . From the author of the bestselling The Dangerous Book for Boys The Great Khan is dead—and his vast empire, forged through raw courage, tactical. Iggulden’s smashing fourth installment to his Mongol series (Genghis: Bones of the Hills, etc.) picks up after Genghis’s death as his three sons.

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After trial, you’ll get 3 titles each month: This is one of the greatest stories of history and Iggeldon’s fictionalized recounting is masterful.

Arthur Wesley the future Duke of Wellington was born and bred to be xilver leader. As he checks his neck, he feels the hot blood pouring out of his body.

It was already well established that Iggulden is incredibly well read with the historical aspect of the story and of course with the extremely vivid battle sequences, but relationships and plot twists in this book were sometimes too much to bear.

The radical solution is beyond anything that you enpire imagine, but Iggulden makes it totally believable. Every page reeks of mutton lard, and is filled with hard-faced Mongol generals putting peaceful merchants to the sword and stealing their wives, whilst quaffing airag from goatskins. I suppose the one thing that links all silve is the love of a good tale. Needless to say the storytelling is vivid and electric and the battle sequences for there are many are mesmerising.

With Genghis igguldsn, the new Khan builds a city. I was super excited when I saw this book at our library and it was one of those books you read slowly because you don’t want to finish.

Some skilful manipulation resolves the splits and rivalries between the most powerful, and makes all of the protagonists relatively happy. I also hope Conn does not finish the Chinese history with the next book, as we should be entering the Romance of The Three Kingdoms era.


This is real life Grimdark where they did what Napoleon and Hitler couldn’t do. Another exhilarating read in the Conqueror series by Conn Iggulden.

Khan: Empire of Silver (Audiobook) by Conn Iggulden |

I simply love Conn Iggulden’s writing! These Mongols were really no better then animals. It takes precious time, that we really don’t have these days.

I’m wmpire sure if I’ll read it again, although I will definitely revisit the first 3 books again in the future.

Tough book to read iggulsen because of all itgulden good byes to great characters. I was so engrossed into the book: The story gets even better as the Mongols sack Russia and Europe. At the time, as I itgulden reading them, I thought they were far fetched and I was a bit of a doubting Thomas.

Would I have bothered to start reading this book if I had realised it was book 4 of a series? Igguldden review your cart. Succession Now that Genghis is dead who will rule and what are the rights of passage to become the Great Khan of the Mongol nation? Also publishes under author name C. Jan 02, Mizuki rated it really liked it.

Which makes for great reading. Jul 12, Terri rated it liked it Shelves: Clearly, the best book so far. This was my first time reading the 4th book. This book had some other radical changes compared to the previous 3, the main one being that Genghis has died in this one, so things become drastically more complicated with such a large, powerful, mostly unorganized and ‘young’ empire.

Khan: Empire of Silver (Conqueror, #4) by Conn Iggulden

This book is split in to 3 parts, each skipping a period of time but not long. As he farewells his son silcer tries to “enjoy” or absorb his last moments, missing his wife, he takes a deep breath and kneels to die. I like reading about how these women working together, overcoming one crisis after another, weathering all sort of plots, schemes and assassination.


As you listen to the books you get a feeling that you understand the way certain warriors thought. Iggulden also includes a rather extensive author’s note wherein he described the liberties that he took in combining characters and describing events that he surmised, based on the available information.

Deborah United States He iiggulden this series come alive. Honestly i haven’t found a writer yet that would impress me as much as Conn Iggulden when it comes to historical fiction. Life in Europe would be very different if Ogedai had survived for even a few more years. There’s a good reason years later people still talk about them. Oct 07, Dr.

I look forward to finishing the series out. Dec 03, Aaron Bright rated empide it was amazing Shelves: In a reign that lasted only twelve years he built a city and from it sent out armies to conquer half a world. If the khan didn’t die; the mongols would have taken the whole European continent.

Khan: Empire of Silver

In this series Book 5. In this Tsubodai caught a lot of cities and armies unprepared and he eliminated the battlefield advantage of those who outnumbered sjlver Mongols by retreating and luring them into choke points of his choosing. To ask other readers questions about Khanplease sign up.

Story of battle on the fields and in the palaces. The empire has expanded and has had to change or adapt to new rules and challenges which od you rmpire from the characters perspective, that how the ‘good ol days’ where much simpler times which leaves you with this profound nostalgia. It covers a period of history that I know hardly anything about but the life and death of one man changed the course of history from China through Russia and Hungary the Mongol army had proved unstoppable.