Eheim – Professional II Canister Filters. Comment. I have been operating two ‘s for six years and one for the past four years and love how simple the . Eheim Double Tap Unit Sealing Ring Set for /// – 2 pk ( ). Quantity. USD Eheim Pro II Canister Filter Parts, Eheim Double. LTWHOME Replacement Blue Coarse and White Fine Filter Pads Sets Fit for Eheim Professional Pro 2 // / and Experience

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If, after doing this, it still works for a bit then stops there are a couple of possibilities. Maybe someone else can chime in Note that air profesiona not enter a correctly sealed system, turning the unit off should result only in siphon and back siphon to the canister. After the unit stops pushin water back into the tank, this should be evident by leakage or by there being air in the canister.

It’s possible the unit is faulty, of course, but most of the time orofesional I’ve seen this having taken in my share of “broken” profedional it is because the canister is overfilled. Is this the case with yours? I hope you have some other eheim experts pop in, as these are the only things I’ve needed to try so far.

EHEIM Professional II Pro 2 Aquarium Canister Filter 2028 38 1-owner

So if it’s not doing that, I suspect it’s not primed properly. I have no idea whats going on. Eheim pro II problems.


That eeim sometimes helped kick start mine. If all these don’t work, then I am stumped. You can actually open the canister and fill it manually or siphon from the input tube from the tank into the canister to fill it. And, obviously, airstone profezional intakes are a bad idea.

Results 1 to 11 of Eheim pro II problems The approach explained in the following thread worked for me http: Renee’ Today I’m feeling: I tried to re-lube the canister o-ring thing they tell you to do in the manuel. It should not happen, I guess, but if the canister is overfilled with media to the point where the baskets do not slip nicely and to their full depth on top of one another, physical pressure is place on the intake portion of the motor and, for whatever reason, it stops working properly and does what you describe.

I have found out since though, that if you re-lube the workings of the self priming thing, this helps. I find mysometimes the self priming thing doesn’t work as well as it should, so I have had to resort to sucking on the outlet tube.

All rights reserved and copyrightedSimplydiscus LLC. I turn it back on prime it again, and this time after about 30 mins it still sucks in water but will not push any of the water out, and it causes the top of the canister to get very hot.

Eheim pro II problems Mine will not work unless both hoses are lrofesional. It was working for mins before work and when I left it was going strong. The time now is The thing i dont get is both tubes and canister will b filled. Then fill the output tube.


EHEIM Professional II Canister Filter | eBay

Crossing my fingers by the time i get back home profesiional it will still be going. Eheim pro II problems Are you sure it is primed properly. If these are not on properly, particularly on the input end, you can also “suck air” into the system. Now, “sealing” may not only be the canister. For a filter to be primed, the cannister must be full profesilnal water and both hoses should also be full.

EHEIM Professional II Pro 2 Aquarium Canister Filter 38 1-owner | eBay

Eheim pro II problems Glad problem is solved. I just read that you said the top was hot All times are GMT First, the unit is not sealed completely and rather than dripping, it’s sucking in air.

THis worked for a little but then it just stopped pushing air or water out.

Then outta no where the outlet will drain out and it will just stop. However, after an hour or so its making a ton of noise.

EHEIM Professional II Canister Filter 2026

As you get more used to them, ehdim becomes easier too. Eheim pro II problems Agreed, too much air in the canister, sounds like. Oh well, thanks again. Thanks for the help guys.